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    11-year-old North Carolina girl electrocuted while swimming Interesting how the girls in the water were fine until they tried to get out. It sure seems like the ladder should be at the same potential as the water - it's IN it.
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    Any Pool Calculator feature requests for spring 2009?

    Jason, I use this daily and really like it. Thank you for all the work you've put into it. Here are a couple of things I've noticed. 1.) Using Google's Chrome browser on Windows XP, if I hit 'enter' after typing in a value (I think the ph or fc), the fields all reset to their default...
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    Effect of Temperature on Calcium Hardness Reading

    With the amount of variation I'm seeing, I'm concerned that I may not be getting an accurate (or even close) reading unless I bring the water closer to a optimal temperature. Tonight when I get home I'll do some more testing. I'll test for everything, not just CH, at multiple temperatures...
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    Effect of Temperature on Calcium Hardness Reading

    Hi all. I was doing some testing of my tap water tonight, and noticed some strange behavior. Here are my results (I was only testing CH - looking to get a new water softener): Test 1 - Cold Water (60 degrees) - 380 ppm Test 2 - Hot water (120 degrees) - 150 ppm Test 3 - Cold water heated in...
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    CYA Testing

    You could always get a calibrated solution from Taylor and adjust your test procedure until your results match what the solution actually is.
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    Using water softener to reduce CH?

    Keep in mind too that chlorine will destroy the resin in a standard ion exchange water softener. There are other resins one can use that are more resistant, but this is still only for very low levels of chlorine. The low levels of chlorine in city water will typically destroy the resin in a...
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    SWG PH neutral?

    A little off topic, but is this a problem? Will they get filtered out, or should one consider water replacement every so often?
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    CYA from 60 to 0 ppm

    Here is a quote from a patent filing in 1996: "The present invention provides for substantially complete degradation of s-triazine compounds, preferably chlorinated s-triazine compounds, and more preferably atrazine. The initial concentrations of the s-triazine compound can range from trace...
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    CYA from 60 to 0 ppm

    Maybe we should figure out what form of bacteria it is, and sell it. Directions: 1.) Add special CYA reducing bacteria to pool. 2.) Do nothing for 1 week. 3.) Follow TFP "How to clean up a green swamp" instructions. Maybe Dave can add this to his product lineup. :-D
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    CYA Saturation Level in Water

    Does anyone know what the saturation level of cyanuric acid (CYA) is in water? Knowing that CYA takes a long time to dissolve, could one put a bag of it in a couple of gallons of water and have it completely dissolve in several weeks (or months)? Would it reach a point where no more would...
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    Is chlorine safe?

    If I understand Chem Geek's post correctly, he's saying that by killing stuff in the water slower, less dangerous byproducts are produced. I'm guessing the slower times with the CYA are still fast enough to be safe. How fast is fast enough? If the sun did not destroy chlorine, with an...
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    Well Water - To Soften or Not

    The electricity used to fill an 18,000 gallon pool will cost me about $3.00 (yes, three dollars). It will obviously cost a little more if I have to cycle the water softener every 1000 gallons or so, and add calcium, and replenish the salt in the softener, but I'm still way below what trucking...
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    Well Water - To Soften or Not

    Hi, I am preparing to fill a new 18,000 gallon pool with well water. If I bypass the water softener, I can fill it in about 12 hours. The calcium level in the water is acceptable (for pools), but there is also iron and sulfer in it. The water feels very hard when not running through the...
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    Cyanuric Acid Solubility

    Well, I tried it (sort of). I decided that being an acid, I wasn't real excited about placing it in my wife's nice teflon coated aluminum pans. Instead what I did was boil water and then pour it over the acid in a glass bowl. I stirred it every minute or so for about 15 minutes and saw...
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    Cyanuric Acid Solubility

    Thanks Richard. I guess as a follow up, from what I can tell, cyanuric acid placed in 80 or 90 water dissolves ridiculously slowly. Do you think another 100 degrees will make a noticeable difference? Let say it takes 7 days to dissolve 1 lb. I'm not going to try this if it will still take 3...
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    Cyanuric Acid Solubility

    Do any of you chemistry experts know if the solubility of cyanuric acid increases with temperature? I've looked at multiple MSDS documents from different manufacturers to no avail. I'm curious if taking granular cyanuric acid and letting it boil for awhile in a pot of water would dissolve it...
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    "Soft Water" Questions

    One of the major benefits listed for adding salt to a pool is that is makes the water feel soft. I have a water softener and understand the principles that it operates by. From what I've read, a typical water softener will not normally need to exchange more than about 300 mg/l of sodium ions...