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    Easytouch vs Intellitouch Quote

    Thanks so much. Very helpful for a newbie. Turns out the pump thing was a miscommunication and I am getting the pump you recommended. One question about the relays. What is the 5 relays I am currently using? VS Pump, Lights, Bubbler, Waterfall, and Spa? Just trying to confirm at 5 relays the...
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    Easytouch vs Intellitouch Quote

    Hi Jim, We will have: * 12K gal SWG pool * Spa with 6 blowers * Pentair SuperFlo 2HP VS Pump * Pentair Clean and Clear 200 Filter * Pentair IC20 SWG * 2 bubblers * A single water fall * 2 multi color lights in the pool, one in the spa * Pentair MasterTemp 400K BTU Natural Gas Heater Thanks...
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    Easytouch vs Intellitouch Quote

    Hi All, About to sign a contract for a new SWG pool and one of the final issues to iron out is which automation system. The first quote I received was for the Pentair Easy Touch. Based upon some information here, I asked the build to switch to the Intellitouch. The new system increased the...
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    New Build - South Florida

    Hi All, Getting close to signing with a PB for our new pool. We are first time pool owners/builders. It's an in-ground SWG pool, 27.5 x 14.5. See attached design. Equipment/Specs: Pentair Superflo 2 Speed Pump Clean and Clear 200 Filter Pentair Automation - asking for Intellitouch, currently...
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    Marble Pavers

    Hi All, Close to signing a contract in South Florida and wife loves the look of marble pavers . Anyone have experience with sand blasted marble pavers around a SWG pool? Will the marble hold up or look weathered? What kind of maintenance do you do? Seal or not seal? TYIA, Jason