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  1. nate81

    Help me with math! How much does it cost to run my intex pool pump?

    I found a few sites that let me put numbers in to calculate cost of electricity for my intex pool pump but I'm getting roughly $100+ per month if I ran the pump 24/7, is that accurate? I have the Intex 26651EG 3000 GPH sand filter pump I read on the site that I bought the pump from that it was...
  2. nate81

    Spectracide wasp & hornet killer in mah pool

    So there was some bees on a float, in my pool....lots of bees, i sprayed them with this stuff Shop Spectracide Wasp and Hornet Killer at so there is probably a whole can of this in my pool now....should i be worried? lol i'm not a smart person.
  3. nate81

    Thinking about doing a backyard zipline...can anyone recommend a good forum for that?

    I want to do a backyard would be roughly 450' long....i want this to be safe and would love to read up on the subject and be able to ask questions as well. Does anyone know a good online resource for this? I've been googling but the subject seems sparse.
  4. nate81

    Should I add more bleach?

    Recently refilled my pool. ph was around 7.4 and then i added CYA to get me to 70, baking soda to get my TA to 60 Now i'm at.... ph 7 TA 60 CYA (i'll assume its 70) I just added it yesterday evening Before I added the cya i added bleach to kill the tadpoles....then i came inside and read on...
  5. nate81

    Intex fountain and pump running while in the pool

    Why does intex make a fountain if you are not supposed to be in the pool when the pump is running? intex fountain
  6. nate81

    Intex flex hose to PVC connection is leaking

    I followed instructions on the internet to connect my intex hoses to pvc and the connections are leaking....anyone done this with success? What step did I miss? I even added the gasket from the intex 6-way valve because it seemed to be a perfect fit! picture 1 picture 2
  7. nate81

    Intex: Can I swap out pumps and leave the sand tanks alone?

    My pump died, so i bought a new one and it came with a new sand tank. I had just filled my old sand tank and wanted to see what you all thought about me just swapping out the pumps. My old unit is discontinued. This was the old unit I had. SF20110 This is the new unit i purchased. 3000gph...
  8. nate81

    Intex owners that put plastic edging around your pool did you strap it?

    I'm going to put some plastic landscape edging around the base of my intex ultra frame.....i know others have done this. I was wondering how you all strapped the edging to the pool legs. This is what i've got.....
  9. nate81

    Anyone have a good idea to hold back my 'retaining wall'? (pictures inside)

    I intend on putting sand in the areas between the edging stones and the plastic edging....but on one side of the pool its a bit deeper.....should i fill it to the top with sand? This would mean sand would be on the pool walls about 2 or so feet. or....can someone give me a good idea to help...
  10. nate81

    My intex pool has 'died', what should I do next? intex pool died this would have been our fourth summer using it. I barely leaned on the edge of the pool (from the outside) and heard and felt a snap...the leg snapped off flush with the base...after inspecting the other legs, most are rusted through. THe pool is no longer...
  11. nate81

    Could someone recommend a pool cover for a 16' intex ultra frame please..

    The cover that came with my pool tore when i tried to put it on, so i'd rather not use the intex covers, could you guys recommend a decent cover for me! Also, do i need a pillow or something to raise the center of the cover? This will be my first year covering a pool.
  12. nate81

    Intex pump got loud all of the sudden...

    So my pump got loud just a few days ago...seems to be pumping just fine. Pressure seems ok, and the skimmer is clean. I tried backwashing/rinsing/etc...still loud....i searched the forums here and it seems the bearings may be bad/going bad. I'm about 2 months out of my 2 year warranty. I've...
  13. nate81

    ph is slightly high, ok to swim?

    FC 7 TA 80 ph 7.9 or 8 I dont have any muriatic acid, and i hate to buy 10 lbs of it when the calculator says i only need 4 oz. I understand low pH can damage pool parts and burn your eyes, whats wrong with having a slightly high ph? Will simply swimming in the water lower the ph?
  14. nate81

    Connecting hayward skimmer to intex pump.

    Some of the pictures in the stickied posts have been lost. Whats the best way to connect my Hayward SP1091LX to my Intex 2,650 Sand filter pump? I stood in lowes for an hour trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together and without success. Maybe someone who has this setup could share a...
  15. nate81

    Turned pump off after vacuuming and it threw the dirt back into the pool.

    So, idk what i've done wrong here, but this was my procedure.... Held vacuum head under water and held hose to return (while pump was on)...this filled the hose with water....i kept the hose underwater and moved it to the inlet...i vacuumed. I disconnected the vacuum hose and then pulled it...
  16. nate81

    Opening my AGP after its first year being left up over winter, need some reminders!

    fc 0 ph 7 TA 70 calcium hardness 20 cya (dot never dissappeard on taylor 2006 test so i'm assuming 0) I left my pool up over the winter and i need direction on what to fix first, does order matter? I shocked it a few days ago via bleach and got the FC way up, but has since dropped to nothing...
  17. nate81

    Necessary to drain pool in zone 7, Raleigh NC area?

    Going to attempt leaving my 16'x48" intex ultra frame up this year. I do not own a cover yet...i could use a recommendation on that as well please. i had planned on maybe shutting the inlet/return valves and moving the equipment into the shed, and just leaving most/all of the water in it. I...
  18. nate81

    What do I adjust first? TA or CYA?

    I did the sock method for CYA yesterday...and apparently I didn't use enough, i'm only register about 40 for CYA FC 1 PH 7 TA 110 CYA 40 I have a SWG but have not purchased the salt i'm running on bleacch until i can get my hands on salt. I think i made my TA too high! My CYA needs...
  19. nate81

    Whats the correct order of getting my water ready for a 'new' pool install?

    I'm filling my pool as I speak. I have a i know i need to add my salt. Do I adjust my CYA first...get my ph balanced and then chlorine....and THEN add salt? Is there a specific order i should go in? Thanks gang :)
  20. nate81

    I need advice on leveling my ground.

    This is my second year setting up my intex pool...last year i was off an inch or maybe two as far as leveling went....i want to perfect it this year, i intend on leaving it up permanently (until the pool itself fails) since i live in warm and sunny North Carolina. The problem is this....i have...
  21. nate81

    What size trash can will my 16 intex pool liner fit into?

    Will it fit inside a standard 32 gallon garbage can from HD or Lowes?
  22. nate81

    Well water testing

    I was curious if anyone can recommend a good reliable home testing kit for a private residential well....testing through the local county is around $500 I have a water softener system and no clue how to use it, but someone mentioned i should have the water tested before turning it back on...
  23. nate81

    Where did my CYA go?!~

    So my pool was low on cyanuric i bought some today...put it in an old tube sock and tied it extremely tight to the frame of my pool in front of the return. Went to check on it before bed...and its almost totally gone! I have almost 4 cups of CYA in that sock and there is barely any...
  24. nate81

    Confer 7100 A-frame ladder and 16' intex ultra frame

    So, i had an issue with the confer 7200 rollaway ladder coming i have a confer 7100 setup on my intex ultra frame. I have the ladder as low as possible and filled all the legs and center pieces with water....but the thing just seems unstable. The ladder seems to rock and sway just...
  25. nate81

    Confer roll-a-way A-frame ladder coming apart!

    My ladder is coming apart and not safe anymore...anyone seen this happen? Can it be fixed? How can i prevent it from happening again? here are pictures The second to last photo is what the good side looks like....the last photo is the damaged part!
  26. nate81

    help! kid pooped in pool.

    I just finished cleaning and testing my pool.... hope i remember right...its been an hour or so but... FC 3.5 TA 70 CYA 30 pH 7.5 I have no idea why my cya is so low....i just added some last week to get it up to proper levels and i was shocked to see it at 30....we've had rain every day...
  27. nate81

    How much to run intex 2650 sand filter?

    Does anyone know how much electricity the intex 2,650 gph sand filter requires to run? My rate is .10kwh...and i'm currently running for 12 hrs per day...i think that may be a bit too much. If i'm running a pump that can displace 2,650 gallons per hour...and i only have 5,000 in my...
  28. nate81

    DIY solar heater with standard Intex fittings

    I'd like to do the 'black sprinkler system hose method' of a solar heater for my intex....but i'm not really interested in hard plumbing anything. I don't see any benefits. I thought hard plumbing might actually be a negative due to how much these pools seem to rock, shift, and sway when...
  29. nate81

    Should I be unplugging something from my Intex SWG?

    I have this one.... ... m/19336123 I've read clips/phrases about unplugging a copper ionizer or something, but never found and explanation as to why or if this is in all models. I'm getting ready to turn mine on today and wanna do it right ;) The...
  30. nate81

    Anyone ever had an AGP collapse on them?

    Anyone have one of their professionally installed or intex above ground pools collapse on them? What happened? Was anyone in the pool when it happened? I've read about people getting hurt while being in an AGP while it collapsed unexpectedly...what sort of injuries are we talking about here...