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    And the results are... I need help! Test Results

    First thanks to all of you who recommended I purchase the test kit. I can see the value in both the time and expense. So here are my numbers, Could you please help me determine what needs to be done and in what order to add the chemicals. By the way I just changed my cell to a t-15 ( currently...
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    Fiberglass Pool installers in Southwest Florida?

    Hi All. I have a fiberglass pool that I love. My neighbor wants to put in a fiberglass pool with a saltwater system, he has had a hard time finding fiberglass pool companies locally. Can anyone recommend some installation companies? We apparently live in the land of gunite pools! Thanks, Judi
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    Hayward Swim Pure Plus system with T-cell-9-SWP troubleshooting

    It came with the house, we think it was installed in 2013. NO Flow has always been an issue we reset it and then it works for a while. The unit is currently not making chlorine at all. yet our salt is at 3400ppm. The cell is clean, but it clearly could be as old as 2013. So, do we just get a...
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    New Owner with a Florida Pool

    Hi All, I've been lurking around the forum all summer and I have learned a lot so Thanks! I picked our Gulfstream Heater and our Dohney Discovery robot thanks to the information on this forum and I could not be more pleased! But now it's time for me to really start to work on our pool as I...