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    Pool Return Part Help Please

    So when closing my pool this week, I couldn't put the plug on one of returns because part where the eyeball thing threads in was completely stuck. I ended up getting it out but not without damaging the part. So what part of parts do I need to order? I believe the opening is 1 1/2 inch. Thanks,
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    Pump making strange sound

    I'm hoping someone can help me with a strange sound coming from my pool pump. Rather than trying to describe the sound, I've got a short video New video by Jeremy Kalman This happened when opening the pool and starting the pump for the first time this season. Water is moving. No leaks either. I...
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    Plumbing Advice - Leaking Pump

    I have an older Hayward Super II Pump - 1 hp. The output of which is leaking. It's hard to tell from the picture but the leak is coming from where the flexible white pipe meets the connector "ring". Sorry, don't know what it's called. My pump though looks to be larger compared to the flex...
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    Tiny bubbles

    Hi folks, So opened my pool this week. A complete mess with algae but it's slowly coming together. It's nothing I haven't had to tackle before. Some chlorine and a good hard scrubbing has taken care of most of it. One problem I'm seeing this year is from my SWG. A Hayward T15. I'm getting lots...
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    Ladder Advice

    My pool came with a standard white resin covered ladder. Well after a few years, the resin cracked and broke off where it anchors into the pool deck. My wife would like to get a metal replacement one. I too would like a metal one as I won't have to deal with the resin cracking. My concern though...
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    Heater not igniting

    I have a Haywood natural gas pool heater, H250FDN. Recently it's been acting up. When I opened my pool this spring the heater wouldn't start. There was all sorts of clicks and but it didn't ignite. The temperature display started flashing and the amber service light was lit. usually I hear the...
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    Sand Filter Started Leaking and then Stopped

    Hi Folks, I started the process of opening my pool for the season. Things were going well until I engaged the sand filter (Haywood model). Yesterday I just had the system turned to waste mode to clear the antifreeze out of the lines and then turned it to recirculate to get the air out the lines...
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    Heat Problem - Display Blank

    Hi there! I have a Haywood natural gas pool heater, H250FDN. I've being trying to diagnose a problem with the display as it is blank. The heater itself is functional and running but I would like to see what is actually going on! So far, I have checked the four fuses on the fuse board and all...