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    Kreepy Krawler Kruiser

    Pentair's Kreepy Krauly Platinum is a pressure side cleaner.
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    What would you do different?

    First, I would rethink the pool idea and consider the same money in a vacation fund. Then when my wife said POOL...Instead of a sun shelf, I would have steps all the way across the shallow end of the pool. Steps across the end give lots of in the water seating at different levels for shorter...
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    narrow pool

    FWIW...I wish I had a dollar for everything in my life that I've bought or built and then regretted it. Your yard has great potential for an interesting pool, with that large side yard, but the Pergola will have move (and maybe end up over the spa?) Be sure you know all your easement laws...
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    How big is too big in SWCG capacity?

    Still wondering... Quote from local firm seemed high for IC-60 plus power supply ($1,935 for the two items), but their installation labor and parts seems OK, so I started shopping. Amazon has the two items for a combined price of over $500 less. However, I saw more than lower prices at...
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    How big is too big in SWCG capacity?

    You win, Marty. Pick up the marbles. :)
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    White or gray grout?

    I believe in being practical--a belief that drives my wife crazy. White grout in almost any application looks beautiful immediately after done and for another 15 minutes. I go for the color the white will look when it's dingy: gray. Gray is even better than black. I had black grout in a...
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    How big is too big in SWCG capacity?

    Pentair also suggested the IntelliChlor over the iChlor...also the iChlor largest is 30k gallons. Since you also think the price looks high, I may have to get another quote. The labor charge seems reasonable, though. I may ask what they would charge if I provide the equipment. Thanks. BTW...
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    How big is too big in SWCG capacity?

    Sorry. The sig editor kept stopping me from adding more info. I have the IntelliConnect box provided by the pool builder (who didn't even know what it could do, so he didn't connect the Intelliflo to it. Brian Boothe at Pentair helped me with that once I got the RS-485 cable.) Brian also...
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    How big is too big in SWCG capacity?

    Thanks to all who replied. Thanks entirely to you guys here at TFP, I have decided to move to SWCG for chlorine. Here's more information for your opinions if you wish to express them. Pentair and the local installer both recommend the IC40 for a 15k gallon pool. The Pentair guy specifically...
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    Normal salt concentration in non-SWCG pool?

    Hi guys. I've had a lot of help here with my decision to get a SWCG. While waiting for a quote, I got the Taylor K-1766 salt test kit, just to get an idea how much salt I'll be adding. For reference purposes, the pool was first filled 9/30/18. For a short time, I used trichlor tabs to...
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    How big is too big in SWCG capacity?

    Thanks, guys. I have a quote coming for both the IC-40 and IC-60, but my intention is to go with the larger one. FWIW, the dealer, Gartin Pool & Spa, suggested the IC-40.
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    How big is too big in SWCG capacity?

    Thanks to Marty, Matt, and chem geek plus some others in another thread for helping my decision making. As an all-Pentair shop, I'm getting prices--tomorrow, actually--on installation of an IntelliChlor SWCG. I've read here that "double or greater" capacity is desirable for life of the product...
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    IC60 Pentair SWG (Turned off and on by itself, basically rebooted)

    Here's a probable unrelated piece of Pentair trivia. I have a Pentair IntelliConnect box that provides LAN and Internet access to controlling the Pentair Intelliflo pump, a water feature pump, and other things not currently connected (like the Pentair SWCG, for example). I noticed one day that...
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    CYA in salt vs non-salt pools

    Matt, you are the man! Your posts here plus the one Wireform refererenced on anodes, could be the answers to any SWCG question. Interestingly enough, your pool size and equipment are very similar to my own, except you have a retired suction side Kreepy Krauly, and I have a retired pressure...
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    Purchased new Pentair VSP (Model 011028) - Run question

    Contact Brian Boothe at Pentair. has the answers you need. He is Engineering Manager, Flow Tech. He has helped me several times and also corrected bad info I got from the pool builder. BTW, be sure you register your pump with Pentair to assure your warranty is in...
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    Hairnet dealies

    Yes on floating up. I keep a marble stone in each basket to hold them down when the pump is off. Not crazy about adding to landfills either, but these hairnets are pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things which include tons of plastic water bottles, MacDonalds trash, and Keurig...
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    CYA in salt vs non-salt pools

    Goz63, I'd be curious to know how your CYA of 40-50ppm is working out for your FC levels. I see that your Hayward T-Cell9 is a 25,000 gallon capacity unit running in your 10,000 gallon pool. Of course it's winter, and UV is reduced compared to summer, but I see you're at about the same...
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    CYA in salt vs non-salt pools

    Thanks, Marty and Matt. If read the chem geek's charts correctly, in order to get the same level of disinfection of 3ppm chlorine and CYA of 30, you would need nearly 9ppm chlorine at CYA of 70. Or for a less extreme difference, disinfection of chlorine at 3ppm at CYA 50 is comparable to 5ppm...
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    CYA in salt vs non-salt pools

    I see recommendations of 30-50 ppm CYA for regular chlorine pools and 70-80 for salt chlorine pools. Given that CYA "protects" the chlorine from UV and at the same time reduces the effectiveness of chlorine, why the different levels for salt vs non salt pools? I've searched the CDC website...
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    Should I switch to a Variable Speed Pump?

    As a choice for a new pool or replacing a failed pump, a variable speed pump is almost a no-brainer. I think the OP's pool builder did a him disservice by not explaining the differences in pumps. Cost-benefit of replacing a working pump depends on electricity cost. Always run the numbers! My...
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    New filter cartridge

    Longer term--after you've fixed the algae problem--here are a couple of my amateur observations as someone new (Oct 2018) to pools and stuff. One. My filter logic says that since you can't backflow water through the filter cartridges when cleaning, there is probably some permanent reducing of...
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    Pentair Warrior SE is the Dolphin S200

    FWIW, this is nearly two years old (not sure what that is in dog years), but might be a useful cross reference of identical cleaners with different names:
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    New pool One month later disappointed with plaster

    Super advice, Dirk. I'm not having any problems personally, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. As to documenting water chemistry, this might be one of the times that the pool store could be of value, if they print a report of their water tests. I know Leslie's does. I always get their...
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    Pool & Spa Lights

    Separate, but we usually turn on both.
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    New pool One month later disappointed with plaster

    Side note on text messages. During and shortly after our pool build, I felt like I needed to hang onto the six-month long thread (yes, six months) of text messages to and from the pool builder. I found a PC program for capturing and saving messages from an iPhone. It can capture and export...
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    Proper CH numbers for a 4 month old pool and other water chemistry questions before I take action.

    A couple of things I see here are puzzling to me. The OP says his FC is -0-, and he uses the spa. 100 degree water and 3 or 4 bathers (just guessing they have guests and they're not polar spa people) with zero chlorine. That's OK? Ever heard of Pseudomonas folliculitis ("hot tub rash?")...
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    Hayward Pool Heater

    Wille, I can't say for sure since I can't see your equipment layout, but if it is like mine, I have one water in and one water out of the heater. Changing from pool to spa is done with the manual valves that are downstream of the heater. I fully open the spa in and spa out, and I fully close...
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    Pump run time

    Newdude, my Pentair pump draws 2530w at max 3450 rpm; or 111 w at 1300 rpm. It will run slower than 1300rpm, but the water flow into the skimmers seems inadequate at a lower speed. Even this 1300 vs 3450 rpm power difference is almost 23 times, though. So slow is good. At 1600rpm where I run...
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    Heated Pool - worth it? DFW

    Here's another Houston (Katy, just west of Houston for you non-southeast Texans). This is from someone who never wanted a swimming all. I also didn't want a spa. And I wanted maximum 5 feet deep for safety and rescue of a toddler (our youngest child is 45; youngest grandchild 12...
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    Pump run time

    According to Pentair (I don't know what pump you have, but a variable speed motor should be similar in power demands), running their variable speed pump at 1/2 speed uses 1/8 as much electricity, so it is simply much more efficient at lower speeds. Also, it seems to me that the lower pressure...