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    Automatic Pool Chlorine feeder

    I use a HeatSavr pump (pretty sure it is a Stenner with an interface). I can set it for multiple times and amounts per day so I can dose the pool more evenly. Pretty easy to set up. Been using for 5 years now and I would go with it again.
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    liquid chlorine pump

    I bought a HeatSavr pump because it has variable time settings and have been running it for over 5 year connected into the gallon jugs I get of liquid bleach. You can put the included tube into a larger container but I do not mind just changing out the jugs. Less mess.
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    Need instructions for Borate test kit

    Split from New borate drop test at piscines-apollo vs. test strip The links for the drop test are no longer any good. Can someone give me explicit instructions? Thank you.