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    Help with plumbing

    Hi all. So I just upgraded all my equipment except heater.. new equipment are: Pentair vs pump Pentair intelichlor Cartridge filter 525 sqft ...old heater is a oil burner it’s works great so it stays until it breaks. Problem is flow... piping from pool and back is 1.5”... i adapted to 2” for...
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    Black Diamond 525 Cartridge Filter Tank

    Any body have any experience with black diamond cartridge filters? Black Diamond 525 Cartridge Filter Tank Price is good.. i opened one up pretty simple a container with 4 filters... I pretty sure they are Ll the same.. Thanks guys
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    Led pool light help

    I’m about to change my liner... I have old style r7 halogen bulb 500w light in it now... I want to go color led... pentair or Hayward... leaning more towards pentair... I have read reviews on both on amazon and they are terrible... now I’m worried ... also they say 300watt equivalent I’m at 500...
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    New pool owner need advice

    Hello all So I just bought a house with an in ground pool... 16x32 lazy L. 18-20k gals... vinyl... I’m in Long Island New York...I will be changing out the liner as it is all bleached out... I will also be changing out all the equipment... equipment now is: HAyward de 36 1 speed Hayward pump...
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    which robot

    i have a 48000 gal inground pool , has 3 ft shallow end and 9 ft deepend vinyl lined and im looking for a robot.. i dont want to use my pump for this so i want a self powered robot...which ones do you recommend?
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    i want to change out pump

    hey guys... my pool is around 48,000 gal....3 skimmers... 3 water falls or any extras. i think i want to change out my pump as its costing me too much electric to run and i have a feeling its under sized. im not sure what pump i have now but here is a pic of the motor..its 1hp i have...