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    Backyard build in Central Texas, POOL IS UP!!!

    I can't either. I think they may have gotten lost with the most recent server upgrade. The newer pictures later in the thread seem fine.
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    Best solution for the main drain problem

    I find that the main drains are helpful in the fall and spring when the water level is below the skimmer. Without the main drains I wouldn't have any way to circulate the water when the water level is low. During normal operation I don't normally use them because I want to skim what is on the...
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    Shock Therapy Free With Pool.....OUCH!!!

    Here are a couple of articles I've come across that do are really good job of discussing electrical isues for pools as well as stray voltage issues. FWIW.
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    AGP Liner Material

    I've never received any replies on this, but I've noticed several people in different threads talking about their liner not laying tight against the wall when improperly installed (or wrong size, etc.). This would lead me to believe that normal liners do not stretch (at least not much). Does...
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    A/G Main Drain Installation Technique

    Without dealing with the advantages and disadvantages of main drains on above ground pools, can anyone (Dennis, Matt, others) offer any advice on the installation of a pair of main drains in an above ground pool? I've just finished digging the deep end (approximately 22" deep) and the soil type...
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    A/G Deep End Dig Washout - How to Repair

    I am in the process of digging out a deep end for a 27' round A/G. Over the last week we have had some torrential downpours (4" of rain just last night) and some of the side walls for the deep end are washed in and/or deeply trenched from all the water. The soil is extremely sandy, so once it...
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    Difference btw AGP and IGP Solar panels

    I have done some research, and from what I can tell the only difference is how the header pipe on each end of the panels is constructed. With in-ground (or permanently roof mounted) panels, the water feeds in one end of the panel, goes through all the tubes, and returns out the other end. With...
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    AGP Liner Material

    Does anyone know if there is a difference in the material used for an expandable liner compared to a standard liner? Does a non-expandable liner not stretch like an expandable would? To think about it another way, will a standard liner stretch some to conform to a bottom that has some shape to...
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    aboveground pool

    Are you talking diameter (as in a 28' liner in a 27' pool), or height? Extra height can be overlapped. Extra diameter is going to be a problem.