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    Pool math app?

    I thought I remember something about Jason selling the original pool calculator to PSI Flow. If you look at Pool Calculator you can see that they own it, refer to TroubleFreePool, and also provide apps for both Android and Apple...
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    No smilies or avatars

    Since the move to the dedicated server (or somewhere around that time), I can no longer see any smilies or avatars, from anyone, on any thread. When composing this message, the list of smilies to the left is just a bunch of dots. It's like none of the images are loading. This is happening on...
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    RSS Feed

    If you bring it back online, I'd like to try it.
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    300 New Posts a Day - How do you keep up? (Mods?)

    Thanks! I've been using this site for over a year and had no idea that the white square was a different link than the topic itself. :oops: That definitely speeds things up! :-D
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    Is there a TFP business card?

    These are great! There was a local "parade of pools" around here recently and I was really wishing I had something like this to leave with each home/pool I visited. :-D
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    300 New Posts a Day - How do you keep up? (Mods?)

    With approximately 300 new posts a day to this forum, how do you keep up with them? How do you moderators do it? To properly address the plethora of questions each day could constitute a part time job! Right now I'm logging in and using the "posts since last visit" feature, but I never know...