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    Pool Return Part Help Please

    Thanks for the link. So I need the whole thing, eyeball included.
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    Pool Return Part Help Please

    So when closing my pool this week, I couldn't put the plug on one of returns because part where the eyeball thing threads in was completely stuck. I ended up getting it out but not without damaging the part. So what part of parts do I need to order? I believe the opening is 1 1/2 inch. Thanks,
  3. J

    Pump making strange sound

    Thanks! Wiped it clean with some paper towel then doused it with the alcohol. Let it air dry for about 20 minutes and then finished the install. Pump is much quieter and moving water well. I do have a minor leak on the output. Something to deal with on the weekend. I also still seeing some...
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    Pump making strange sound

    So got my new pump and I got a seal kit with it. Unbeknownst to me, I didn't realize you're not supposed to touch the white ceramic part of the shaft seal. Well I touched, my 12 year old son touch it. Can I still use it? Can it be cleaned? Not entirely sure why touching it is a problem. Thanks
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    Pump making strange sound

    Indeed. Gonna bust out my pool robot too.
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    Pump making strange sound

    Thanks for the advice folks. I think the churning is due to the fact I just opened the pool and there is still air in the lines. Due to the racket the pump is making I haven't run it long enough to get it all clear. Anyway, I will replace the motor and keep an eye on it. Thanks.
  7. J

    Pump making strange sound

    Man, just looked at a video on how to replace the bearings. Don't have the tools, skill or the patience so looks like a new pump. Also, why do you think I have a suction side air leak? Thanks,
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    Pump making strange sound

    If you can't hear the video, try clicking on it. Should expand out and then the audio should work.
  9. J

    Pump making strange sound

    Hi, Yes, the shaft spun freely.
  10. J

    Pump making strange sound

    I'm hoping someone can help me with a strange sound coming from my pool pump. Rather than trying to describe the sound, I've got a short video New video by Jeremy Kalman This happened when opening the pool and starting the pump for the first time this season. Water is moving. No leaks either. I...
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    Aquarite Hayward T-15 new failure

    Hi folks, thanks for the help. I've ordered a new thermister. Hopefully it will get here soon.
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    Aquarite Hayward T-15 new failure

    I have the exact same problem. Can the OP provide more details on how you fixed it? Thanks.
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    Volleyball system recommended?

    What shape do you plan for the pool? Have you considered having the deep end in the middle?
  14. J

    Turtle in the pool, what kind?

    First year I had my pool, I foundd a trio of baby snappers floating in my pool. There's a creek behind my property. I guess on their way there from hatching, they decided the pool was the better bet. It was not. I gathered them up and took them to the creek but they were very lethargic. I doubt...
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    iPad or Laptop

    I think you made the right choice. I have a desktop to do more serious and intensive work. A tablet for everything else.
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    Plumbing Advice - Leaking Pump

    @Tivo: Yes - Unions on the pump (after googling what unions are). It's where the flex pipe meets the union that is leaking. I guess the glue has given out. Not sure about the filter. I'm not home right now so can't look. @PoolGate: I did indeed try this but the leak is too big.
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    Plumbing Advice - Leaking Pump

    I have an older Hayward Super II Pump - 1 hp. The output of which is leaking. It's hard to tell from the picture but the leak is coming from where the flexible white pipe meets the connector "ring". Sorry, don't know what it's called. My pump though looks to be larger compared to the flex...
  18. J

    Waterfall kits - Yay's or Nay's?

    I was contemplating the same thing. I have the plumbing for a water feature like yourself. But, my concern with going with real rocks was a) cost, b) dissolved minerals from rocks and c) weight of rocks on the interlock around the pool
  19. J

    Early question but.. Safety/winter covers necessary?

    The last couple of years I've not put a cover on my pool when closing for winter. My old cover had developed so many holes and tears it wasn't worth it any more. That said, my pool is in an area where I don't get a lot of leaves and stuff. I just run my robot cleaner once a day after closing...
  20. J

    I have a leak - Next Steps?

    Do you drain your pool when you close it? If so, I would probably wait until then to conduct further tests.
  21. J

    Cloudy Gas When SWG is On?

    I had the same problem this year when opening. Lots of bubbles causing the pool to turn cloudy when the SWG was active. It went away eventually. I was thinking it maybe that the water was pretty cold when I started up.
  22. J

    Advice needed - re-filling IG pool from well or other?

    If your pool is empty this would be a good time to tackle the black algae. This stuff is a lot tougher than your normal algae. You need to scrub at it with an algaecide to remove the protective outer coating. When the pool is full of water this can be problematic because: a) it's hard to...
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    CircuPool Starter Kit

    You can probably get parts for a stand cheaper at home depot or some other hardware store. You really just need a cap on one end.
  24. J

    Cleaning SWG & Solution Disposal

    Yes I've heard of this too. If you clean your cell the old fashion way, mixing water and muriatic acid this is certainly an option. The pool volume is much greater than the amount your use to clean the cell. It's also the sort of thing people put in there pools to bring the PH level down...
  25. J

    Cleaning SWG & Solution Disposal

    I have a T15 Hayward cell. I screw on an ABS cap onto one end, stand the whole thing upright and add the cleaning solution. After sitting for a bit I dump the contents slowly into a bucket of water to dilute the cleaner. Then I throw it into the scrub land behind my backyard. I once made the...
  26. J

    Tiny bubbles

    It seemed to be quite a lot though. The pool turned very cloudy. It has subsided though so I'm not so worried any more.
  27. J

    Tiny bubbles

    Hi folks, So opened my pool this week. A complete mess with algae but it's slowly coming together. It's nothing I haven't had to tackle before. Some chlorine and a good hard scrubbing has taken care of most of it. One problem I'm seeing this year is from my SWG. A Hayward T15. I'm getting lots...
  28. J

    Low level iron Birm Filter

    Seems to be a lot of $$$ for something you won't use that often. Why don't you just treat the pool after filling? You're going to have to keep re-balancing anyway, since PH levels tend to rise over time.
  29. J

    Pool Flooding - options for raising the edge off the ground

    Raising the height of the coping isn't going to help unless you put some sort of water tight barrier in otherwise water and dirt are just going to leak through. Then you still have to deal with draining the water away somehow. Can you remove the mounds of dirt?
  30. J

    Pool Light Conduit Question??

    That's correct. It's common to have water in the conduit. In fact, I've never heard of a pool light setup where there isn't.