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    What are these holes for?

    Dumb question! We have an in-ground pool and near the steps that lead into the shallow end there are two rounds holes with caps over them, one on each side of the stairs. What are these for?
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    Pool still cloudy after SLAM

    I have a 33000 gallon SWG vinyl swimming pool. FC - 26 (SLAM) CC - 0.5 CYA - 70 pH - 7.2 (before SLAM) TA - 80 CH - 125 Salt - 3000 We had very low stabilizer and salt when we opened this year, so we've spent the past two weeks bringing CYA up to 70 and salt up to 3000. We slammed the pool up...
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    CYA is 0, what to do first?

    We have a large in ground salt water pool, this is our third summer with it. First year we were constantly at the pool store, second year I found this forum and figured out our issue was mainly low CYA, and constant high consumption of our chlorine. Once we got CYA up to 70-80 and SLAMmed the...
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    SWG - Adding Stabilizer but CYA still under 20ppm

    HI! I have a 35,000 gallon in-ground pool, this is our second year of pool ownership. Last year we were in and out of the pool store every other day as we were continually battling low to no chlorine. This year I wanted to try SLAM. However, it says we need the right CYA to start SLAM and...