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  1. Mendy48

    Black spots in tub?

    Oh! Yeah! You want to stay away from test strips. You will need to invest in your own test kit. Get your test kit (TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C). We recommend the TF100 from or the Taylor K-2006C. See Test Kits Compared. I suggest the TF-100. A proper test kit is needed to get the...
  2. Mendy48

    New member, small pool

    Welcome to TFP....
  3. Mendy48

    Black spots in tub?

    Welcome to the forum. I've never seen anything like that before, but I'll let an expert chime in here shortly. Could you add some information about your tub in your signature. It will help in diagnosis your issue here. See mine for example. I'm thinking it could be Cobalt Staining, but there's...
  4. Mendy48

    Breaker On or Off for the Winter

    Did the above cost money? I would like mine removed too.
  5. Mendy48

    Green pool, high CYA

    Yes! you CYA will increase when you use chlorine tabs over the summer. You may want to refrain from using Chlorine tabs in the future and just stick with adding Liquid Chlorine/Bleach in you pool the old fashion way. The only time I use Chorine Tabs is if I'm going on vacation as I do not have...
  6. Mendy48

    First year winterize, two issues

    I leave my sand filter outside after all the lines are blow out and plugs removed. I live up North so we get bad winter here. I cover my entire pump system with a tarp and call it a day.
  7. Mendy48

    Hello from South Florida

  8. Mendy48

    Florida Panhandle

    Welcome to the forum.
  9. Mendy48

    Pump loses prime before we can get water low enough for winter closing?

    So when you keep the main drain open, it doesn’t pull enough water through? Could your main drain be clogged? I can’t figure out why water won’t come out through main drain. I’ll let an expert chin in here shortly.
  10. Mendy48

    New hot tub (and pool) - do I use the same test kit for both?

    I would think you use the same test kit. I'll let an expert chime in here soon to verify.
  11. Mendy48

    What is this and how to get rid of it !!!

    Interesting... Do you have your own test kit? I'm not sure what that could be. You might want to do an OCLT to find out if you have any organics (e.g. algae) in your pool. Here are some other links that might help you get started. Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry Pool School - How to...
  12. Mendy48

    Breaker On or Off for the Winter

    Done. Just turned off the breaker. I just noticed that everything is connected to one breaker....Filter, Heater, Pool Lights, UV (the UV is something I never use. Regret not finding this site before I built my pool). UV cost me a lot of money. 🤦🏽‍♀️
  13. Mendy48

    Breaker On or Off for the Winter

    I never mess with my breakers for my pool pump during the winter. On my third season I believe. Should I shut off the breaker for my pool pump or just leave it on?
  14. Mendy48

    They left water in the skimmer when they closed my pool/just found out

    Ok... I added anti-freeze (1gallon). However, displaced/removed some water that was left in the skimmer first cause there was a substantial amount of water. Added a couple of noodles in skimmer along with a gizmo. So I think I’m set now for winterizing the skimmer.
  15. Mendy48

    Why Didn't PS Use Antifreeze When Closing My Pool

    Yeah. I just added some anti-freeze to my skimmer. There’s a gizmo in there, but I also added a noodle for additional safety concerns. We’ll see next season. I just don’t want to spend money fixing anything, and the PS were very fast to close my pool. I just want re-assurance that nothing will...
  16. Mendy48

    They left water in the skimmer when they closed my pool/just found out

    The pool store left water in the skimmer when closing out my pool. I mean, they attached a Gizmo, but water is floating in there. Aren't they supposed to drain out all the water from the skimmer?
  17. Mendy48

    Mesh Cover & Deck Anchors

    Perfect. Mine are are like that. I'll leave them alone. I just went around the mesh cover to make sure that they are all identical.... lol
  18. Mendy48

    Why Didn't PS Use Antifreeze When Closing My Pool

    This is the 3rd season that the pool store didn't use anti-freeze when blowing out my lines. I asked them why they didn't use antifreeze and they stated that it was not needed. I wouldn't even know how to close my pool with anti-freeze. It's never been done before so I can't learn it. Anyhow...
  19. Mendy48

    Mesh Cover & Deck Anchors

    So what should I do cause there's conflicting ideas here. My anchors have heads (see pic below). Most of them are screwed up like this...about 1/2 inch. Option #1: Should I screw the anchor back down Option #2: Should I leave the anchors alone (the way it is here) Option #3: Should I screw...
  20. Mendy48

    Mesh Cover & Deck Anchors

    Update... Mesh cover on. Did it myself. That was some task I tell ya. I almost gave up but kept going. It got easier once I got the hang of it. Here’s a pic. Pool is officially closed.:confused:
  21. Mendy48

    2” Backwash Hose/Water Leaking from PVC Pipe

    So I finally got a backwash hose as suggested here and it’s leaking from the pipe when I try to drain my pool. I’ve tightened it and readjusted it but to no success. When I initially turn on the pump to drain the pool, the entire leakage is spraying all over the finally calmed down...
  22. Mendy48

    Mesh Cover & Deck Anchors

    Ok. I’ll unscrew about 1/2” and not screw them back down.
  23. Mendy48

    Hello from Sugar Land, Texas!

    Welcome! You're at the right place.
  24. Mendy48

    Mesh Cover & Deck Anchors

    Thank you. I'll be putting on the mesh cover myself tomorrow (with my son)...first I'm a bit nervous... LOL.
  25. Mendy48

    Mesh Cover & Deck Anchors

    Once I get the hooks (from the mesh cover) around the deck anchor in the ground, do I screw the deck anchors back down to the ground to secure the hook or do I just leave it alone? Do you know what I mean? I have an example picture here to show you the area I'm talking about. P.S. This is not...
  26. Mendy48

    Testing Pool After Adding PolyQuat

    Though I've done a full analysis of my pool chemistry and in the process of adjusting my pH, I was wondering if I can still test my pool for pH, CC, CYA, FC, TA and CH after adding PolyQuat. Just curious.
  27. Mendy48

    Let CL level drop to half normal level???

    Ahhh Haaaa... Gotcha... :party: I'm so happy I got it now. Makes a lot of sense to me now. Thanks for the explanation. :)