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    Magic Lube Clean-up

    I've done my best to search the site, but unable to locate any posts about this. Other than using wd40 spray, are there other products to clean your hands? I'd like to be able to clean them while getting the bracket back on the pool filter casing. Suggestions? Thanks, Y
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    Partial to full pool drain

    Question: I’m intending on doing a partial or full drain of our in-ground plaster pool due to the high CH (850). PoolMath suggests a 82% drain to get my CH to 350. (my fill water is 240 CH). I’m not concerned about how long it will take. I have 50’ of pool hose (1 9/16" inner dimension), and a...
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    IC40 High Salt Reading / High CH

    Good Monday Afternoon! We’ve been so happy that our pool is looking so good and with very little effort - thanks to all of you! The IC40 is blinking High Salt - but it certainly producing enough chlorine at 60% with the pump running 5 hours a day. From what I’ve read here, I know that what the...
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    ScreenLogic reports Salt Level as Zero

    Happy Monday all! Our cell is 1 year old. I started it up on 4/2/19 when the water temp was 69° and has worked fine since then with temps as low as 65°. Over the last week our Pentair IC40 would off and on display "Cold Water Cutoff” when the water was in the upper 60’s and low to mid 70’s...
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    Red Service System Light - Pentair Master Temp 400

    Friday evening we went to heat the spa, only to find that the temp did not rise after 15 minutes. So I went to the Pentair MasterTemp 400 and saw that the red Service System light was on, and read that it is a pressure/flow issue. I intended to clean the filter soon since it had been awhile, so...
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    Rising CH: Water is only 3.5 months old.

    For the last month or so I’ve been reading up on TFP as to how to improve my test numbers. I must say it’s making my head spin. I thought about posting my questions on an already existing chemical/testing thread, just was not sure which one... so I started a new one. First I want to tackle my...
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    Collapsing Poll and hole damage

    I was reading this post looking to see what others have done. As a quick test I tried putting some painters tape on the upper inside of the tightening lock. I saw a dramatic improvement in "slippage" ... not perfect, but perhaps tape all around the inside might be better. Also, my home depot...
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    Easy Touch Controls

    Moved from this original thread... Easy Touch vs IntelliTouch Jim R. Jimrahbe, We postponed our build from mid 2017 to early 2018, so I'm just now getting back into the swing by reading the highly informative posts here on TFP and checking my notes. When we were interviewing PB's, it seemed...
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    New Construction: Cathedral City CA

    Hello All, I have been educating myself with TFP for the past couple months. Ya'all are awesome. I've learned so much and have so much more to learn :-). We're in the final stages of choosing our PB and have asked for revised quotes since we changed a few specs. A number of PB gave very vague...