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    Hidden Underground Junction Box

    I have a sylvan in ground pool from 1976. I went to turn my pool on at the electrical panel on Thursday the GFCI breaker won’t turn on. It just immediately trips. I followed the wires out to a Switch box on the back of my house and I see all the wires coming from my panel. I have a Blue, Red...
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    pool leaking

    i have a ingound concrete sylvan pool. i think it was built in about 1976and is about 27500 gallons. last winter the pool level got very low, more than half empty. it was much lower than the returns and the light. in the spring i drained and painted the pool. since i refilled it i am losing...
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    multiport seting for pool closing

    I'm trying to figure why my inground pool is leaking water. i closed it about 6 weeks ago and its losing lots of water. I'm never sure what setting to put the multiport into for closing. I currently have a hayward 48sq ft DE filter that i installed 2 years ago. I have it set to recirculate...