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  1. JenMichelle

    Sand filter cracked-need suggestions on new one

    I’ve noticed a patch of putty on a section of my Hayward E200 sand filter, and when I have my pump on there is a slow drip from it. There has also always been water underneath it even in hot weather so I’m guessing there is another crack underneath. I would like to just replace the filter as my...
  2. JenMichelle

    First time fighting algae and want to add DE

    So woke up to cloudy water, and what looks like dead algae in floor bottom, so I started the SLAM process and have been vacuuming/backwashing. I’m off for the next 3 days so hopefully I can get it cleared up. I read that you can add DE to a sand filter and I want to try that. I did read the...
  3. JenMichelle

    Sustain Chlorinating Tabs

    I am planning on going out of town for 4 days and thought I might try the 3” Sustain chlorinating tabs to keep my chlorine level. I know they contain Cal-hypo? and chlorine, and that is supposed to be it. Does calcium hurt an above ground pool or equipment? Doe anyone have experience with these...
  4. JenMichelle

    New liner, or whole new pool?

    So...I have lots of small holes in my liner, due to the last owner of the house not putting in sand or whatever was needed under the liner when it was replaced, and I'm now losing water and have to fill up an inch or so every few days. I have patched and patched since we moved in 4 years ago...
  5. JenMichelle

    Volleyball net for above ground pool?

    I am wanting to get a volleyball net for our 24ft above ground pool. I have looked at ones online and maybe its just me but they all look a little cheap. Any ideas on a good one? I could attach it to the railings I guess but would rather it just go to the ground on the outside of the pool.
  6. JenMichelle

    Pump basket water level drops, also threaded pump fittings slowly leaking

    I have to issues that I am at my wits end with, please help me with suggestions.... 1. I changed out sand, replaced multiport valve, got a new pump, and redid the pvc plumbing. The threaded fittings from the filter to the pump are slowing leaking, like a drop every minute. I hired someone in to...
  7. JenMichelle

    Pump is making a humming noise??

    I installed a new multiport valve and new pvc today, and changed out my sand (it was awful even after trying a deep clean). When I got the pool filled up enough, I turned it to backwash and turned pump on and it backwashed just fine. Then I switched it to rinse, turned the pump on and got a...
  8. JenMichelle

    Deep Cleaning Sand filter, need a piece replaced.

    So I watched the video on deep cleaning Hayward sand filters, and mine was AWFUL, I let water run for two hours and it still was black, gunky, goo coming up. I have decided to clean out filter and replace with new sand, we have only lived here for a year and I don't think the previous owners...
  9. JenMichelle

    Low Ph and TA

    Hey guys, I just have a couple of quick questions. My results are: Cl 4 CC 0.5 TA 50 Ph 6.8 Cya 50 I have not closed my pool because I want to wait for the temp to drop, but I do have it covered with a solid cover due to the leaves dropping. Questions: 1.Is that TA level ok? My ph won't...
  10. JenMichelle

    CuLater, Sequestrant, and Clarifier

    I just did an AA treatment and added 1.5 bottles of Ocean Breeze Metal Miracle, pool looks awesome but it is a bit cloudy. I wanted to try the CuLater pack today but wanted to know if I could put a little clarifier in to clear up the pool. I have not started to bring my chlorine up yet. My...
  11. JenMichelle

    Is Alum Floc safe to use for metal stains?

    Alright TFP family, I'm at it again with my metal stains. So... I have been battling these ALL summer, and it's been hard to keep chlorine above 2 or stains come back. I haven't had to SLAM all summer but noticed some pink slime by my stairs and my water got a TINY cloudy, I'm assuming from low...
  12. JenMichelle

    Above Ground Pool Light Suggestions?

    I have a 24ft round agp and I need suggestions on a good light! I don't know anything about them. I think I would like one that sticks on the side of the pool wall, and I have an outlet really close to plug in. I have a couple of floating pool lights that are battery operated and they don't...
  13. JenMichelle

    Can I use these tabs?

    Aqua Chem 3 inch chlorinating tabs, it says trichlor under ingredients. I DO NOT use tabs at all anymore since I found this site, but I have just drained most of my pool due to metal staining and my cya is a bit low. The old owners of the house left these tabs and I used them at first until I...
  14. JenMichelle

    I Just Need a Few Quick Answers AA Treatment

    I have added my aa for my treatment to get rid of my reoccurring metal staining, but I have a few quick questions. The stains are all gone and the pool looks fabulous! My test results are: FC .5 Ph 6.5 CYA 55 TA 110 I lowered the Ph and TA using muriatic acid, my TA was 150 ish and i wanted...
  15. JenMichelle

    Fed Up With Metal Stains! Help Me!

    We moved into a house over the winter and inherited our pool. We LOVE it, thanks to this site! However, I am ABOUT TO PULL MY HAIR OUT over reoccurring metal stains. Everything has been perfect, except outrageously high CYA due to the old owners using pucks, and, these stupid stains that keep...
  16. JenMichelle

    Low Ca and high TA

    I'm a new pool owner and just really want a little reassurance on my test results. I use th TF 100 test kit. I am a little concerned with the high TA and low Ca. Cl 5.5 Cc 0 Tc 5.5 TA 150 Ph 7.8 Ca 50 or 75 Cya 55 It seems the ph slowly keeps rising in my pool. I have had no problems this year...
  17. JenMichelle

    When can I add chlorine after AA treatment?

    I just did an absorbic acid treatment with a sequestrant about 5 hours ago and my pool looks perfect. Before this I did 3 partial refills to lower my CYA so I have 0 chlorine. When can I start to add it? I wasn't sure if I had to wait.
  18. JenMichelle

    Stains keep coming back!

    I am a new pool owner (not a new set up, we bought a house with pool) and I have been stalking this site since before I opened the pool! So glad I found you guys! Here's my problem: I had my pool professionally "opened" on April 23. All was well until about 5 or six days after that I noticed my...