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    Hot start

    Hi fellow TFPer's, We have a new Blue Haven pool, finished filling last night. The plasterers poured acid over the plaster before they left Thursday night and we were told to brush twice a day after pool was full. This all happened a day later than planned so someone would have been here...
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    SWG setting

    I'm trying to figure out how to set my SWG for optimal service life. I've read some of the posts on the subject and my Turbo cell seems to be very efficient. The problem is reconciling the amount of time the cell is on with time needed for good circulation. I think my pump is too small for the...
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    Algae and my new plaster

    I love the TFP method, I used the BBB for 5 years until I recently had my pool replastered. Now I have to submit water once a month for testing to keep my warranty. I have been keeping my SWG pool at FC 5-7, CYA 70-80, pH 7.5-7.8, TA 70-90. The reason for the high FC is that I live on a golf...