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  1. Mendy48

    Breaker On or Off for the Winter

    I never mess with my breakers for my pool pump during the winter. On my third season I believe. Should I shut off the breaker for my pool pump or just leave it on?
  2. Mendy48

    They left water in the skimmer when they closed my pool/just found out

    The pool store left water in the skimmer when closing out my pool. I mean, they attached a Gizmo, but water is floating in there. Aren't they supposed to drain out all the water from the skimmer?
  3. Mendy48

    Why Didn't PS Use Antifreeze When Closing My Pool

    This is the 3rd season that the pool store didn't use anti-freeze when blowing out my lines. I asked them why they didn't use antifreeze and they stated that it was not needed. I wouldn't even know how to close my pool with anti-freeze. It's never been done before so I can't learn it. Anyhow...
  4. Mendy48

    2” Backwash Hose/Water Leaking from PVC Pipe

    So I finally got a backwash hose as suggested here and it’s leaking from the pipe when I try to drain my pool. I’ve tightened it and readjusted it but to no success. When I initially turn on the pump to drain the pool, the entire leakage is spraying all over the finally calmed down...
  5. Mendy48

    Mesh Cover & Deck Anchors

    Once I get the hooks (from the mesh cover) around the deck anchor in the ground, do I screw the deck anchors back down to the ground to secure the hook or do I just leave it alone? Do you know what I mean? I have an example picture here to show you the area I'm talking about. P.S. This is not...
  6. Mendy48

    Testing Pool After Adding PolyQuat

    Though I've done a full analysis of my pool chemistry and in the process of adjusting my pH, I was wondering if I can still test my pool for pH, CC, CYA, FC, TA and CH after adding PolyQuat. Just curious.
  7. Mendy48

    Let CL level drop to half normal level???

    I know... I know... this is defiantly a dumb question, but I think I did this wrong last year or I'm overthinking it. For closing, after I perform my OCLT and it passes (which it did), it says to let my CL level drop to half normal level. If my normal/target level is between 4-6, with a CYA of...
  8. Mendy48

    Closing My Pool/Draining Below Skimmer???

    Hello! As you can see in my signature, I have a vinyl pool and I was told to drain my pool a tad bit. I asked the pool company what a "tad bit" meant, but she was not clear. You see, I'm taking care of EVERYTHING except for blowing out my pipes. Since the pool store wants me to drain my pool...
  9. Mendy48

    Closing Pool/OCLT w/ Pump Running Overnight

    Hello!!! One of the directions to close an unground pool is to run an OCLT test on your pool first. In order to do this, should I leave my pump running overnight? I usually have my pump automatically turn off at 9:30pm and back on at 9:30am. Any advise on this?
  10. Mendy48

    Closing Pool with CYA of 30 (barely)

    My CYA reads at .... barely 30.... it actually reads at 25 (if that), but since this reading is logarithmic I’ll say 30. Should I add stabilizer to my pool to get my CYA up to 40 before I close it?
  11. Mendy48

    Run an OCLT at what FC level (Target FC or SLAM FC)?

    I'm closing my pool soon and I haven't slammed for a while. I forgot how it works. When I SLAM my pool, with a CYA of 30, can I run an OCLT at an FC level of 12? Or do I have to wait until my FC drifts down to target level before running my OCLT. I forgot what to do. 🤷‍♀️
  12. Mendy48

    How to place a mesh cover over pool/Closing it soon

    I'm taking care of the chemicals and mesh cover for my pool closing, but not necessarily blowing out my lines. I'm letting the pool company do that until I feel comfortable to do it myself. I don't know how to place a mesh cover over my pool. I've seen some videos on youtube, but I haven't...
  13. Mendy48

    PolyQuat- How long should this be mixed before closing the pool?

    I just read that PolyQuat can be mixed for only half an hour before closing. I was under the assumption that you were supposed to let the PolyQuat mix for 12-24 hours before closing? I’m kind of lost here as to how long I need to let the PQ to mix in my pool before closing it.
  14. Mendy48

    Alternative Backwash Hose

    Here I talked about getting a better/durable backwash hose. I honestly didn't follow through with this earlier this year because we didn't get a lot of rain until this fall. I'm in the midst of getting one right now. Though my pool will be closed 3 weeks, I want to have this hose ready and set...
  15. Mendy48

    TA & pH/Need Clarification on the Correlation Between the Two.

    🤦🏽‍♀️ I completely forgot that a pH reading of an FC above 10 is completely inaccurate. I was reading a recent post where someone was reminded about this. And it wasn’t until I read that post that I realized that I needed to wait for my FC to fall at 10 or below to get an accurate pH reading...
  16. Mendy48

    Decreasing CYA Levels Without Draining or Water Exchange. WHAT?

    I was walking around a pool store for some last minute LC (since Walmart is out of stock) and saw something unusual. It was a package that showed how to decrease your cya without draining or water exchange. The pool store tried to convince me that it works, but I wasn’t having it. I just got my...
  17. Mendy48

    Solar Cover Strap Wearing Off/Where To Get New Ones

    So I noticed that one of the straps to my solar cover is wearing off (pictures below). I took three so you’ll see what I’m talking about. Is there a way that I can replace this strap? It’s really wearing off and I need it replaced as soon as possible. 🤔 Not sure what to do.
  18. Mendy48

    Intermatic Pool Timer Trippers for Electromechnical Timers

    I tried looking for an answer to this question, but couldn't find any... I noticed that my tripper (circled below) keeps falling off. I do tighten it whenever I get the chance to. However, I've noticed that (overtime) the trippers start to get loose again. Are there any other types of...
  19. Mendy48

    Robot Cleaners - Dolphin S200/Dolphin Nautilus CC/etc

    I believe I’m at a point in my life where it’s time for me to get a robot cleaner for my pool. I’m tired of manually vacuuming my pool. From researching this site, there are two robot cleansers that I’m interested in. The dolphin S200 and the dolphin nautilus CC . Are both of these robots the...
  20. Mendy48

    How To Keep Algae Away While On A 1.5 Week Vacation in July

    So I'll be on vacation for 1.5 weeks in July (during the hot summer days). I don't have friends and family close by to help watch my Oasis, so it looks like I'm going to have to figure out what to do in order to keep algae at bay. My plan is to SLAM my pool. However, now that I think of it, I...
  21. Mendy48

    Do I need to test for TA before adjusting my pH

    I noticed that when I want to adjust my pH, the value of what I need to add changes depending on my TA. So my question is this... If I see that my pH is low and I want to adjust it accordingly, should I first test my TA. That way, I enter the correct TA value before it calculates how much Borax...
  22. Mendy48

    How long would it take for my "already dissolved borax" to thoroughly mix in my pool? Trying to increase my pH a bit.

    How long would it take for my "already dissolved borax" to thoroughly mix in my pool? My pH is low, so I'm trying to gradually increase it a bit. Does it all depend on my filter or size of my pool? I'm just trying to get a field of how long it would take to mix anything thoroughly in my pool...
  23. Mendy48

    Still Stingy With My Pool

    I posted a thread almost a year ago about how "stingy" I was with my pool (click here). I thought I'll take everyone's advise and consider opening my pool to a religious leader and his family (or whoever), but I have yet to do that. I recently told someone (yesterday) that this person from the...
  24. Mendy48

    Pool Equipment Labeling & Understanding My Pool Equipment

    Hello!!! Now that I've learned a great deal about pool chemistry (I'm still learning something new every-day), I need to now understand how my pool operates. My ignorance in pool equipment has led me to not take up the task of closing and opening my pool myself. Thus, I think this is a good...
  25. Mendy48

    Increased CC level

    Moved from here. Mmmm. I can't find this answer anywhere, but my CC went from 0 (last night) to 1 (today). Now the only thing I did differently was vacuuming my pool; after-which I immediately tested for CC. Could vacuuming my pool (and immediately testing for CC) make my CC go up by a point...
  26. Mendy48

    Should I replace the Bulb in my UV unit?

    Moved from here. Mmmmm. I just noticed that my UV light blow out and the pool store told me that it will cost me about $100 to replace it. I, honestly, don't even know what the UV light does. I've never really paid much attention to it. I just noticed that the light wasn't on at night and I...
  27. Mendy48

    How to get Spouse to Clean and Maintain the Pool

    I'm not sure if it's only me, but my hubby is COMPLETELY oblivious when it comes to our pool "Oasis". I literally do everything for our pool. I'm the "to-go" guru for our pool. He just sits and watches and enjoys the results of our Oasis. He's looking forward to cranking up the heat and going...
  28. Mendy48

    Backwash Hose Recommendation for Sand Filter

    I've gone through two backwash hoses that were supplied by the pool store and both of them split (and I've only had one season of having my pool). Therefore, I'm looking to buy one myself... a more durable option (material). Not looking to bury a PVC into the ground. I'm just looking to see if...
  29. Mendy48

    Just Opened My Pool/Here Are My Results/What To Do First

    I just opened my pool, which is crystal clear. I tested my pool and here are the results (below). I know I need to make some adjustments with my FC, but should I SLAM my pool first to make sure it passes the Overnight FC Loss Test (OCLT)? I know I need to bring my FC up, but I was wondering if I...
  30. Mendy48

    Pool Opened & How do I Clean Pool Cover Before Storage

    Pool opened and here’s the picture perfect TFP of excellence. I follow the TFP method to the tee and here’s how my pool looks when opened. I’m sooooooooooo excited. TFP all the way!!!! Question! How do I clean my winter pool cover before packing it away for the summer? I don’t want the pool...