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    Punctured holes in cover

    Hi, We just purchased a Loop Loc safety cover 3 months ago. Today, I found a neighbors dog in my backyard running on our brand new cover. It punctured quite a few holes in the cover. One hole is about the size of a penny, and the others are quite a bit smaller. But they are all in sets, clearly...
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    Repairing pool coping

    We have a 15x30 vinyl inground pool with metal coping. The coping is rusting and we just started to fix some of it. To fix it, I've removed as much of the rust as I can, prime it with rust converter, and painting over with an oil based paint. This was supposed to all be done when we were...
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    Repairing cracks in our concrete pool deck

    Hi all, We have a 15x30 oval inground pool. Around the pool is a 30" concrete deck. The pool was built in 1977 and still has the original concrete deck and coping. There are some rather large cracks that we want to take care of before our first winter with the pool. Is there a recommend product...
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    Sand in our pool - caused by multiport valve?

    Hi, When we purchased our house last year, the pool inspector noticed sand in the pool. He assumed that this was caused by a broken lateral in the sand filter. We had the sellers repair this, and they went ahead and replaced the entire filter with a Hayward Pro Series S210S filter. However...
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    One skimmer and one return line for entire pool

    Hi all, I have a 15x30 inground vinyl pool. The pool is over 40 years old and has black polyethylene piping. Currently, there is 1 return line (there used to be 2, but 1 was closed by the previous owners), 1 skimmer, and 1 main drain. We have a leak in our return line and I believe another leak...
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    Rusted coping - How to repair?

    Hi all, I bought a house last year and was told by the pool inspector that our rim was rusting and needed to be sanded and painted (estimated $250 for this as he said it would just be a bit of labor). We hired them to replace the liner and sand the coping in the Spring. Long story short, only...
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    Turned filter on with plugged return line

    I'm writing this with a red face from embarrassment. I've been trying to trace a leak in my pool for the past few days. I confirmed that the leak is in our return line (as we suspected all along). I have 1 return line, 1 skimmer, and 1 main drain in our inground pool. I turned the pump off and...
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    Hayward Sand Filter air relief leaking

    Our pool was opened for the first time today. We have a Hayward sand filter and I noticed the air relief was leaking. Is there something we're doing wrong, or is this just something that needs to be replaced?
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    How to fill in pool light?

    We have one pool light in our pool. There is no light in it, just an open cavity. The previous owners filled it in with just some expanding foam and put the liner over it. One person recommended that we just use cement and fill it in, but I would prefer to use something a little less permanent...
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    Bottom of inground pool collapsing

    Hi, I'm a new pool owner here and have had a stressful Summer with opening our pool. We were having a company install a new liner, but after removing the old liner, they noticed that the bottom of the pool needed repair. The bottom isn't sand but some sort of concrete (I'm not sure of the...
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    Possible to add steps to sand bottom IG pool?

    We are getting a new liner put in in the Spring and I'm interested in adding concrete or maybe steel steps that go below the liner. I asked the company that is replacing our liner if they would do it, but they advised against it. They said that the steps would sink a bit each year, since we have...
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    Adding steps to an inground pool

    Hi All, I recently purchased a new home that includes an IG pool (oval shape, sand bottom). I got a bit of learning to do, so I figured I would register here! We will need a new liner next year as the current one is on its last leg. Because we will be adding a liner, I was thinking about also...