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    Jandy CL 580 Caution

    I recently had my pool re-plastered and I also had my DE filtration replaced with a Jandy 580 cartridge system. My previous home I had an inground 15,000 gal gunite pool with a Sta-Rite System 3 cartridge filter system. I chose a Jandy over the Sta-Rite due to having a small equipment pad and...
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    New From California

    I just purchased a foreclosed home with a 20,000 inground plaster pool. The pool was 28 years old and was not maintained properly. It still had the old Titan DE filter. I had it completely renovated, plaster, tile, concrete deck, filter and sweep. This is my third home with a pool and I have...
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    Chemical Test Strips

    I have been using Chemical test strips for testing my pool water. What is the consensus of other pool owners on this method?
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    Considering VSP-Water Velocity Loss?

    I'm considering installing a variable speed pump to replace my 1 3/4 motor. It works well but has a slight water leak on the bottom. I just had a large renovation of my pool. Unfortunately, I receive fall debris in my pool from trees and I love the current return velocity I get. How low...