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    Pool blanket underground storage box with reel

    I'm trying to find a U.S.-based seller of underground blanket storage boxes. I've found several in Australia, but none have dealers in the U.S. Shipping costs would be extreme. This is an image of what I want. Anyone know of a U.S. version of this?
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    Swim spa / endless pool devices

    I'm planning to build a medium-sized in-ground pool in Sarasota. I want to install a device on one end of the pool to propel the water, so that I can swim "forever in place". On the web, I find many companies that sell pools (mostly above ground, hot-tub type structures) with jets and other...
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    Why not use white pavers?

    In Sarasota, I'm about to re-finish a small, 25 year-old, in-ground pool and adjoining spa, and re-surface the surrounding deck (currently poly-pebble). The pool is on the south side of the L-shaped house, under a screen cage. On the northwest and northeast sides, there's a high overhang from...