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    Help- hazy pool and chlorine levels not rising

    Hello all, after several days of rain/busy work schedules and not noticing that our chlorine pucks were out, we are having difficulty with a hazy pool and keeping chlorine levels up. Added 1 gallon chlorine yesterday and with pool math today, added two gallons this morning. Added most recent...
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    Balancing suggestions?

    Hello! Would love some help on how we should proceed with balancing our water. Results from this morning using TFK-100 test kit: FC 2 CC 0.5 TC 2.5 CYA 23 CH 550 TA 50 pH 7.2 We added MA yesterday to bring down the pH as it was high but now it’s gone down a bit lower than it usually does...
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    New Pool day 23- Add CYA?

    We are on day 23 of new Pool; trying to follow TFP process. My main question is: should we add some CYA or wait for it to rise through use of the trichlor pucks? Test results from TF100 kit today: FC- 1.5 CC- 0.5 CH- 450 TA- 90 PH- 8.2 (now at 7.5 due to addition of MA) CYA- <20 thanks for...
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    New Pool Day 21 and TF-100 Test results

    Hi All, We are 21 days post plaster and trying to learn as much as possible from TFP. We are trying to figure out this water balancing science but have to admit it’s very confusing! We’ve been mainly focusing on bringing down the pH with every other day MA additions for the last week. We...
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    Wet towel rack?

    How do you all handle the wet/used towels around the pool? We can’t hang them on the fence due to the way our landscaping is designed. The result is that wet towels are lying all over the furniture. Any suggestions for good quality poolside towel racks? Thanks!
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    Muriatic acid and swimming?

    Hi, how long do we have to wait to swim after adding muriatic acid? We are fighting high ph due to new plaster so are adding half gallon every other day. Thanks for your input.
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    First day turning on pumps...Early sign of trouble??

    Pool was plastered yesterday and PB came out today to turn pumps on for first time. We need to keep them running the next 2 weeks. This evening we noticed a growing water line around the landscaping pavers. Could this be a sign of a leaking pipe??! Very concerned. Sent pic to Pb and landscaper...