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    Above ground olympic pool anyone?

    Interesting :)
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    HI! The pool is here!

    Welcome to the forum :wave: I have well water and no issues with it, there are many that do. I would have it tested for iron before using it to fill the pool.
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    Upgraded intex 12'

    I think the look on her face says it all :goodjob:
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    New Pool in North Texas

    Looks nice :goodjob: Kids just don't seem to mind the cold water :lol:
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    NE Houston Suburb narrow pool build!

    Hang in there Matt, going to look nice when its done!
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    NE Houston Suburb narrow pool build!

    I bet you cant wait! Good that you got the test kit. :goodjob: While the build continues be sure to spend some time reading Pool School.
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    Yet another new build thread - Central Florida

    Welcome Jose! :wave:
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    Lonestar Fiberglass Pools

    I cant help with your question but welcome to the forum! :wave:
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    NE Houston Suburb narrow pool build!

    Keeping fingers crossed for you with the storms they have predicted for the weekend.
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    NE Houston Suburb narrow pool build!

    Looks good. Welcome to TFP! :wave: I bet you are glad to see the water levels come back up finally. Caught some nice cats up Lucys a few days ago before the rain. :)
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    Hi, and welcome to TFP Scott! :wave:
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    New build -Cypress, TX FINISHED!! new pics

    Re: New build - rain, rain, go away. Hi Bluechip :wave: I can't help with your question but i hear you on the rain, we've gotten 2 " in the past 3 days. Haven't checked it today but its been raining all day.
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    New Tucson pool

    Welcome to the forum!