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    Arrrrggg! Backswimmers
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    Please help - pool is a green mess!

    You can get it at most Hardware stores and Home Depot
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    No power.....until Saturday!

    My Genrac 7500 gummed up awhile back. I pulled the carb and soaked it in clean gas overnight. Then I blew it out with compressed air. Drained the tank and added fresh gas. Works a charm now, but I am converting it to propane and just ordered a propane carb for it.
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    green murky water

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Read here: Do you have a test kit? if so post a complete set of readings. Read thru POOL SCHOOL upper left of page.
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    Sailinshuz - Advice Needed ...

    Shocking is a process not a one time addition of chlorine. Did you read the link linen gave you for defeating algae? POOL School upper right of page.
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    Is This Algae?

    The vac will hook to it if its the large skimmer. Intex Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit Model 58947E is the skimmer and vac Intex Deluxe Maintenance Kit Model 58959E is just the vac. You unhook the skimmer and hook this one up to the intake. You can Google these for the best price
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    Is This Algae?

    Intex makes a vacuum that hooks up to the intake screen. I have the deluxe maintenance kit that comes with the over-wall skimmer and the vac hooks to it (hard to find right now). The new style they have don't have the skimmer and its hard to keep these pools clean without one, so if you get it...
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    Is This Algae?

    I am running my SWCG 2 hours a day at a CYA of 60 and maintaining a FC of 7.5 - 8 ppm. Along with getting the pool in balance you do need to vacuum. The Intex pumps/filters that come with these pools just don't do well :)
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    Is This Algae?

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Looks to me that you just need to vacuum the pool :)
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    Water was still cloudy with algae

    Re: Turning Your Green Swamp Back into a Sparkling Oasis You really need to have a good test kit for testing your water, see my signature below.
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    Algae Defeated!!!

    Hi, and welcome to the forum bear! :wave:
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    Cloudy just won't clear

    Have you cleaned out the dirt and leaves? Are you shocking according to the Pool Calculator? I'm not familiar with the test kit you have, does it have the FAS-DPD Test in it? How many gallons is your pool? Welcome to the forum! :wave:
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    Turning my Ecosystem back into a Swimming Pool

    Hi bassace1! If you search the forum for Pool Log you should find several, I use the on made by Bama Rambler.
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    Pea Soup Color Pool :(

    Have you preformed a Do not stop shocking until you do.
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    Black Spot Algae not going away :(

    Sorry about the link CrankHead, it's working now (someone, not saying me messed it up.) And the one in the upper right of page always works :) Might be helpful to put your pool information in your signature.
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    Black Spot Algae not going away :(

    I and many others on this forum recommend this one: There are others that you can read about in Pool School but I would go with this one. I hope you have been reading Pool School in your spare time? :)
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    Black Spot Algae not going away :(

    Thanks HoleInOne, and I apologize CrankHead I'm just used to saying bleach.
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    Black Spot Algae not going away :(

    you need to enter the approximate gallons of your pool into : Then you will see how much bleach you need. You don't need an Algae killer, bleach will do it. And welcome to the forum.
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    Water mold/pink slime

    Hi hokulii! Please read here:
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    Could This Be The Start Of Something?

    Use the Pool calculator to determine the shock value you should use. [Edit] I show you should be shocking at 24 ppm FC for 7000 gal pool at 60 CYA
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    Could This Be The Start Of Something?

    Continue shocking. Try to test it hourly or every few hours today.
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    Could This Be The Start Of Something?

    I had something like that on my skimmer and believe it was pollen as it wiped off easily.
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    20 Mule Team Borax

    Welcome to TFP eddie! :wave: My pool store is WallyWorld
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    Leak over winter

    Hi Mike, I read a post about this very thing a few days ago. the advice was to clean as much as you could from the pool, then you would have to brush heavily to get it circulated. If I remember right it it could be circulated that way. Good luck.
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    opened to swamp confused by chlorine readings

    Seems to me that you need to continue the shock Process.
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    Green pool help

    Shock value for CYA 40 is 16. Have you read Lots of great info there.
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    4 Months Until Swim Season

    You need to keep the FC level up until you pass the overnight FC loss test: Also read: