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    Water Testing Kits

    The Speed Stir is a really nice option to have.
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    Intex cartridge filter upgrade and cleaning tutorial

    I use a UNICEL Filter, all I do is wash it with the water hose nozzle when the flow gets slow at the return and right back in service.
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    Close pool?

    I purchased a used pump off eBay without the SWCG. I hook it up in the winter and run it 2 hours a day and just dose with bleach as needed.
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    Cloudy Water

    Without test results it is hard to advise you. You can start by reading and running the pump to filter 24/7 You really need a good test kit when trying to maintain your pool.
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    Where do you store your Intex pool during the winter

    Mine stays up and uncovered, check chems once/twice a week. Pump runs 1 hour in the A.M. and 1 in the P.M. stays on if freeze is forecast-ed.
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    How connect Intex pump to Summer Escapes pool

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Have a look here: And here:
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    Crazy chlorine question

    Did you backwash and rinse the sand before putting it in filter position? Use bleach. Have you read:
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    setting up a used 24' above ground

    OUCH! I sure hope shes better soon :)
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    Intex 24x54 AGP need help

    Welcome to the forum :wave: A good place to start would be:
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    Nitelighter came today

    Looks like good coverage to me.
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    Initial supply run for an 18'x48" above ground Intex

    Before spending any money read:
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    Finally plumbed with PVC and 20' Solar Panel - Ultra frame

    Re: Finally plumbed with PVC and 20' Solar Panel - Ultra fra :goodjob:
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    Need helping choosing new pool...resin/steel/hybrid?!?

    I have been thinking of the Cozumel due to the fact that its warranted for SWCG use. The Matrix I believe is salt water approved also but I need to check my notes. I'm still doing some research before deciding, but it wont be this summer.
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    Summer Escapes pool with intex sand filter

    Welcome to the forum :wave: There is a lot of good info here: And if you Google you can find adapters made to do just that.
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    Pics of new to us pool we set up

    Nice, I like that liner design :goodjob:
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    CAUTION: NOT for those with a WEAK stomach!!!!!!!!
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    Intex Easy Set Skimmer/Pump questions

    I use the Intex Deluxe vac and am happy with it. I never buy filters I just wash and reuse. If I'm having people over I bring pool to shock level and again after they are gone.
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    dumb intex question

    Part of the ladder rail :)
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    Intex Easy Set Skimmer/Pump questions

    Welcome to the forum :wave: You will do fine with the 1600 sand filter and just get an over the wall skimmer. As the air temp changes the skimmer will change positions on the pool so I would use one of the mods I've seen on the forum to make it more stationary...
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    Adding Sand Filter to Intex Ultra 16' x 48"

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Here is a good place to start After that spend some time reading POOL SCHOOL :)
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    Newbie, PH question

    You really need to read POOL SCHOOL it will help you. The POOL CALCULATOR will get you the proper amounts to add.
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    Daily storage of Intex debris cover ??

    There was a post recently where the poster used PVC strapped to the pool legs for the solar cover, looked really good. Don't see any reason why it couldn't be used for the cover.
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    My 16x48 ultra frame up and ready to go!!

    I like it :goodjob:
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    How many use ladder mats?

    I don't use one but have thought of getting one.
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    Intex 18x52 ultra, hayward 16" sand filter and 1hp pump conv

    Re: Intex 18x52 ultra, hayward 16" sand filter and 1hp pump Welcome to the forum :wave: Have a look at this link:
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    My 2 years 2 pools build project in pics

    Nice job :goodjob:
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    Intex Pump is Broke

    Yes you need to add bleach, see this thread: Read Pool School and welcome to the forum :wave:
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    Is intex pump adequate?

    Sounds like you need a bigger pump/filter. You can get a bigger Intex or many others will fit with some modifications. What size is it right now? Welcome to the forum :wave:
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    help intex ultra frame 9 x 18 upgrades

    Welcome to the forum! :wave: Good choice to upgrade the pump and have a separate SWCG. Be sure to read Pool School and get a good test kit.
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    Bleach is all you need.