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    Cooling water thoughts, Good idea or wishful thinking

    Interesting idea but wouldn't the water stagnate in the pipe when its not being circulated for a while?
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    Rec Warehouse Status?

    Is this them?
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    Using Solar Attic pool heater

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    World's biggest swimming pool...

    That has been posted already, but I did enjoy the added pics :)
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    Pool do you guys do it?

    You could get the Intex Deluxe Maintenance Kit, I use it and like it. And we do use a foot wash at the ladder base.
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    Under liner steps & seating

    Welcome to the forum jduies! :wave:
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    Which solar panels to buy?

    Currently I'm running my Intex SWCG only 1 hour a day, maintaining a FC of 5ppm with a CYA of 60. That will go up as it gets into summer. Pool is used almost daily after school and on weekends by an eight year old fish :)
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    smartphone fell in pool?

    "Take Your Phone Swimming", there's not an app for that? :)
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    Fafco solar heat controller ?

    Welcome to the forum marc813! I cant answer your question but I'm sure someone will be along shortly. :)
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    Help with heating our pool...

    Monkey's Mom, that doesn't seem bad at all! Sounds like more fun times on the way :party:
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    Heat/Cool pump, Aquacal or Pentair?

    Hi Jon and welcome to the forum! I cant help you but someone that can should be along soon :wave:
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    Not every pool store is out to screw the customer

    I think it's the consumers who don't know what they need. I didn't till I got lucky and found this site. They don't know that they can get the same chemicals in the grocery store instead of the high priced pool store. The pool store has one goal, sell this and that to make a buck. Nothing...