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    What is the shock level for 0 CYA water?

    Off the subject of CYA but I use this for watering the dogs (two German Shepherds). Wouldn't own a cat though :) lol
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    A couple of chemistry questions

    My bad :oops: Thanks for the education Butterfly :)
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    A couple of chemistry questions

    The below is taken from Pool School Second adjust CYA to between 70 and 80. The biggest mistake that many SWG owners make is NOT having enough CYA in the water! This can create a lot of problems like high acid demand, algae outbreaks, cloudy water, or early cell failure...
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    I would have to raise the FC to about 30

    Welcome to the forum Michaelandliz :wave: Trust what you are reading here in pool school. look what you are going through right now and then read some of the threads here. If you want a clean and trouble free pool follow the advice, it's free and it works. :) Did I mention read POOL SCHOOL?
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    Fast Track Testing

    Not a joke and very handy:
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    Well water as fill water

    Yes I am, using a knee high stocking right now. Didn't make it to town this past weekend but plan on going this weekend.
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    Well water as fill water

    Water is SPARKLING :) But now I hate pollen LOL You just don't realize how much there is until you have it in a pool, but I'm on top of it :)
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    Well water as fill water

    I do have my own test kit, but the results I posted for the well where from the pool store from when I first started the pool last summer. The readings for pool where yesterday but I just didn't change the TH to CH (I was lazy and copy/paste the Letters and changed the numbers :) ) I did...
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    Well water as fill water

    I haven't had any major problems with well water. When I first started filling the pool I had the water wide open and the pump never seemed to stop running and I was concerned that it would over heat so I would run it an hour then shut it off for an hour. It was a pain! I contacted my local...
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    Why do you never recommend Cal-Hypo?

    Not a waist of time, I rather enjoyed reading that :)
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    Recent plaster discoloration...

    Re: New to "Trouble Free Pool" with a question... Hi dpinch and welcome to the forum.