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    Blue World Pool's ion system????

    I have a friend in town that has that system. The salesman told them it was a saltwater pool system. but they also need to add one half gallon of bleach each week to the pool (24' round) to boost the system. I explained to them that the reason their daughters hair was turning green was the...
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    Buying a used SWG

    Due to the discoloration of the housing I would say that's a well used Intex SWCG. I would think your money would be better spent on a new unit.
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    Intex CS8110 Code 90

    I goggled the Intex CS8110, so its separate from the pump. What size pump are you using? And you should read POOL SCHOOL about the copper that model adds to your pool. Could you put your pool information in your signature? It will help others that try to help in the future.
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    Intex CS8110 Code 90

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Could you tell us about your equipment? Have you cleaned the filter?
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    Intex CS8111 SWG stops making chlorine towards end of cycle

    Re: Intex CS8111 SWG stops making chlorine towards end of cy The the pump runs about 15 minutes before the chlorination starts then the chlorination shuts down about 10-15 minutes before the pump shuts off. This is normal.
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    Krystal Clear SWG keeps reading low salt

    Welcome to the forum klw417 :wave: You need to post a complete set of test results, and should start your own thread :) Have you read POOL SCHOOL?
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    krystal clear saltwater system 1600

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Did you check where the hose connects to the side of the pool? Sometimes things can get past the basket and clog the strainer on the inside of the pool that the strainer connects to. With the SWCG system you need to get the pool balanced and bring the FC up to...
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    I can see and hear mine :)
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    Intex SWG will not connect to our pool

    This thread will help you out:
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    SWG in cool climate

    Over the winter here i turned mine off and just dosed with bleach when it needed it, that wasn't very often.
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    What would be a good Salt water system generator ?

    Hi rose, have a read here:
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    Intex SWG CS8110 to 1.5" Sch 40 Plumbing

    Welcome to the forum! :wave: There is a lot of information on Intex pools here:
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    Help picking out a SWG for 15x26 oval above ground pool

    Welcome to the forum! :wave: I will leave it to the pros to recommend a size for your SWCG. You will need a good test kit and you cant beat the one listed in my signature below. You can manage your own pool cheaper with a proper kit and POOL SCHOOL (see my signature)
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    Flow Switch Location

    Welcome to the forum adsy! :wave:
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    Help with code 90 on new Intex Salt Water System CSA110

    Thanks for sharing that information, it just might help someone else. :)
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    Help with code 90 on new Intex Salt Water System CSA110

    Are you running a skimmer? If so make sure it is well below the water. Make sure all connections are tight, sounds like you are getting air for some where.
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    Can SWG damage heater?

    Welcome to the forum jphaus! :wave:
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    Borax and SWG

    I use borax in mine but not the pool store stuff. I shop at WalMart :) Have a read here: [Edit] gcalahan beat me.
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    Swg for agp

    May I ask what the name of the pool is? [edit] thanks linen lol :)
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    SWG or Automatic Chlorinator

    Welcome to TFP Twista! :wave:
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    SWG selection? Intellichlor IC15 vs Intex

    I have been searching but cant locate you a link to an 8110 :( Makes me glad that I order the spare, now I hope it works whenever I do need it.
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    SWG selection? Intellichlor IC15 vs Intex

    Haven't had mine long so cant say.
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    SWG selection? Intellichlor IC15 vs Intex

    It only runs the number of hours you sync it to, not always on. It also has a flow switch so no flow and it shuts off.
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    SWG selection? Intellichlor IC15 vs Intex

    The Intex models you have looked at have the copper bars in them and the forum talks about adding metals to your pool. Mine is the pre-copper model. You may find them on the net new (I did), and I purchased a spare. There are some that use the ones with copper but disconnect the bars and or...
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    Salt Reading too high & Chlorinator replacement questions

    Re: Salt Reading too high & Chlorinator replacement question 8800??? If that's true I think its safe to say you need a few partial drains and refills. A good test kit for testing your own water is best (see my sig) with the salt test strips.
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    Intex SWG trouble

    Sorry I cant help you with that. Someone should come along soon that might.
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    Intex SWG trouble

    You should read Pool School, it will save you money :) Start with this one:
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    Intex SWG trouble

    You can use the Pool Calculator (in my sig) to manually chlorinate the pool. You should get your own test kit also. Intex don't seem to want to chlorinate below 70F so I use Clorox bleach while it is turned off. And welcome to TFP! :wave: [edit to add link] Here is something you might want...
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    Intex and SWG's

    What size pool do you have? I use an Intex Model number 8110 and don't have any problems with it. Its been shut off over the winter but I plan to fire it up as soon as the water temps come up. Were your CYA levels right, did you have a cover when the pool wasn't in use?