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    Well users - do you filter your well water ...

    I don't filter mine. When I first got the pool I had a water sample tested at the pool store. I haven't tested it it with my TF100 kit but don't have any problems with the water. Well is 253' deep. I filled it over a period of days and top off as needed. My Well Sample: PH 7 TDS 100 CYA 0 TC 0...
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    Low Flow warning on Intex 2650 gph Saltwater System

    Friend of mine had that problem, the over wall skimmer where the adapter screws to the wall had leaves and pine needles in it reducing the flow. After removing the adapter and using a water hose with a nozzle he was able to clear the screen.
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    Intex easy set skimmer bracket

    I think I would have the hose clamps away from the top ring, might rub a hole.
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    Irregular toy stuck in pool line-HELP!

    Not sure if this will help but you could try one of those plumbing tools that you hook to a water hose and it fills with water causing a jet action. Not sure what its called but looks like a rubber tube, when it fills with water it seals the pipe then jets out the clog. Edit: found it...
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    Intex Sand Filter....has the design changed??

    looks like they sent you a 1,600 gph if you read the description future down the page.
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    New Member :-) Can You I.D. This Filter ...Prize if so ...

    Re: New Member :-) Can You I.D. This Filter ...Prize if so I use the UNICEL Filter and just wash it when my flow gets low or after having a bunch of people in the pool (tanning oils). lot cheaper than having to keep buying filters.
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    new intex sand filter loss of suction

    Good to hear :goodjob:
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    new intex sand filter loss of suction

    Welcome to the forum :wave: Did you make sure that the skimmer is well below the water? You don't want it forming a vortex as it will suck air. On the vacuum make sure that all the air is out of the hose by placing the end over the return to force all air from the hose prior to connecting it...
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    Anybody changed Summer Escapes pump and filter?

    They make an adapter that connects to the bottom of your skimmer then the Intex pump can hook to it. Google it.
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    Intex 633T 2500gph filter

    If its under warranty I would call intex.
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    Intex 2650 gph to replace cartrdge included.

    It should hook right up, if not the one a friend just got did come with the adapters.
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    Intex saltwater filter says "low flow"

    If your Salt water filter (SWCG) ? If it has its own pump it is possible that the pump in the skimmer is restricting flow. They make an adapter that allows you to remove the pump from the skimmer and connect the skimmer to your new pump. If the SWCG has no pump then the pump in the skimmer may...
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    Wiring of two speed pump?

    Welcome to the forum EricD!
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    Same here.
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    Cloudy water and sediment with Zeosand

    Welcome to the forum 8850FOX! :wave:
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    Which Intex Sand Filter/Pump???

    Welcome to the forum! :wave: I say go with the bigger (deeper) pool. On the sand filter I would say the 2650 if the filtering size is bigger. I run the 2000 GPM cartridge but will be hooking up a 22" 1 HP sand filter soon, but not an Intex sand filter. Be sure to read Pool School and...
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    Hose keeps comming loose...

    Welcome to TFP! The Intex connectors are proprietary but there are some ways around it. Have a look here: If you are sure there is nothing in the threads did you check to see if there is a burr? Is the "O"...
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    Suggestions for skimmer locations?

    Forgive me if I'm wrong but it appears that the pool is not level. If you put one there do you plan to level the pool?
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    How long to run filter pump each day?

    I'm not a Pro Eric but have you read:
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    Omron relays

    I don't know about automation but Google comes up with a lot of them.
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    Filter + Pump size and cloudy water

    What Robbie said. Also can read here:
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    Filter + Pump size and cloudy water states brush or vac weekly. Do NOT use table salt!
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    Do you know what filter this is?

    Is this it?
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    What kind of Salt Water Pump would you recommend?

    jessikat A bigger pump would be a good investment for you. Read it got me off to a good start. Running the SWCG. I have only used bleach (to shock at start up), Borax (optional) and some Baking Soda. I did get lazy and purchase...
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    What kind of Salt Water Pump would you recommend?

    I read many reviews on Intex SWCG's and wasn't sure if I should get one. I decided to go for it. I got the Intex SWCG, 2000 GPH cartridge filter. I'm very pleased with it. I'm going to install a Waterway sand filter come spring so I also purchased an Intex Model #CG-56601, its just the...