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  1. Taz

    AutoPilot SWG Reminder - Clean the Screen!

    Thought I'd offer a bit of advice before going into high gear when something goes wrong. Except for having to pump lots of water from two tropical depressions this year, the pool's been great & TroubleFree (to coin a phrase). A couple of days ago I noticed a check flow warning very similar to...
  2. Taz

    No - It wasn't White Mold

    Sometimes one should think before committing to an all-out assault on one's pool! Based on seeing white floating stuff that was not being filtered from the surface, a cc reading of 1 (first ever), and reading several threads, I thought I was in the initial stages of white mold. So, I began the...
  3. Taz

    AutoPilot Digital check flow flow

    My SWCG (AutoPilot Digital) started acting up. it displays the check system light is flashing and the display gives "Purifier off; Check Flow" errors. I noticed the problem this morning when the normal run was stopped short. I read several old threads. Before I take the tri-sensor out or...
  4. Taz

    AutoPilot Digital Programing

    For you AutoPilot Digital owners, it appears that with a single pump setup, you cannot program the AutoPilot Digital to run more than once a day. Is that correct or am I reading the manual wrong?
  5. Taz

    Taz vs. Pool Store Test

    Just for grins I thought I'd post the results of my testing using the TF-1000 kit compared to the testing done by a local PS (my builder)using the BioGuard "Alex" strip reading system. [table=1:2p8n5y7v][tr:2p8n5y7v][td:2p8n5y7v][/td:2p8n5y7v][td:2p8n5y7v]Taz...
  6. Taz

    Clean Filter / Add more Jack's Magic Purple?

    Hats off to the Pool School. As our pool is still in the startup phase, we've cleaned the cartridge filter 3 times (Day 2, Day 4, and Day 12 (waited a couple extra days as I added granular CYA)). Less milky white (plaster dus)t this time, but still what I believe are softish scale particles...
  7. Taz

    My Very Own Cement Pond

    Greetings All. Never had a pool other than the ones you blew up and got a hole in it on the first day. First impression of the forum: lots of solid, healpful advice for folks new to pools as well as a place for folks to dive in deeper. The pool school section looks like a gold mine. It's...
  8. Taz

    STILL -More than Halfway there

    Great site - wish I'd surfed here MUCH earlier in the process. Our pool was "shot" on Friday and plumbed today so much of the pre-handwringing is over. Nevertheless, I'd thought I'd offer a photo of the newly shot pool with our specs. We decided to build a basic pool with no bells & whistles...