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    Aquabot S2-40 flips over

    This bot is a floor only bot. Impeller rotates to expell water through a one way flap, then reverses through the other flap. Intakes on the bottom through the filter bags. I added a bit of pool noodle to provide mor buoyancy. Seems be better.
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    Weighing down pool cleaner cord...

    I have the same issue right now with crepe myrtle flower petals. While they are pretty, they do gather on the cord. If I resolve my 'robot flips over' issue, maybe some fishing weights added in a few spots would work. Use a swivel and tie it to the cord with mono-filament.
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    Aquabot S2-40 flips over

    I've had a aquabot cleaner for two seasons and this season started to flip over after trying to climb the walls (which it is not supposed to do). The fine dirt on the bottom also is not being picked up. It scoots along just fine so appears to have plenty of power. I added a rock to see if...
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    2019 Bleach Prices

    Leslie’s is running a Veteran 10% discount this weekend. With club the 12.5% ends up at $4.28 per gallon. Just filled new 24’ so have to get the SWG running this weekend.
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    Central Texas Pollen - Update with Storm mess

    The green tint was the pollen, FC held up well and 0 CC. Robot and the skimmer choked 2x per day at the peak. Finally done for the most part. Cheer up! Pecan is ready to start next! LOL
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    Pool Decoration

    I did a border of 15" around my Intex with pebbles and put pots of flowers and solar lights as well. It is contained with a rubber border from Lowes. (Rubberific 4-ft Black Landscape Edging Section). The pebbles show footprints but they are easy on the feet if you have to get in there to...
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    My $25 auto chlorinator DIY project

    I was thinking of combining this pump method with a specific gravity feed for when we are away. It could be run with a internet enabled outlet allowing adjustments remotely. Using the same AW-20 pump (if Amazon actually ships the right one this time!) mounted outside the pool just below the...
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    24 Ft AGP Circulation Issue

    I like the idea of being able to run everything at once if needed. If I get ambitious, maybe an Internet of Things set up to control the speed, turn on fountains, pump through a solar collector for heating Oct/April (night for cooling in the summer?), maybe even misters off the pump! LOL...
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    24 Ft AGP Circulation Issue

    That one was a single speed, d'oh! Ordered a dual with 21" sand filter setup that should get me to zen again.
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    Temporary Intex Take Down

    I did that very thing to move my 24ft round Ultra Frame back in the yard 10ft. Just be sure you don't trap debris under the liner when placing it back. I have a few grass clumps between my liner and the nice smooth foamboard. Oh well.
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    24 Ft AGP Circulation Issue

    I found this on Amazon, 1.5 HP Pump, 23 inch sand filter This timer can be added Not fully programmable, but it will allow dual speed operation in 6 hour chunks.
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    24 Ft AGP Circulation Issue

    I hard plumbed my intex ultra frame with a through wall skimmer and two returns (I have a second port for vac that I have not plumbed to the pump yet). The 1/2 hp 2100 GPH pump is not taking care of circulation well. I have a dead zone that collects dirt, grass and leaves that becomes an...
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    New Intex dual outlets?

    The reason they have two outlets is to prevent entrapment. The two inlet ball valve is likely defective, not allowing flow the other way.
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    pool cleaner, aqua bug not satisified.

    I just bought a Aquabug and it worked great. I think the key is to make sure you have enough hose on it. The hose floats making the last section vertical down to the bug. The pool bottom is bumpy (yes, wrong sand. Fixing that this winter) and the seams are not fully glued down. It picked up...
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    Intex in Central Texas

    The few inches deeper is nice. I was unable to sleep and took a swim at 5am this morning. :-) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk
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    Underwater speakers

    I like floating on my back, wondered if speakers in the water would let me hear well enough. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk
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    New Pool Build - Austin, TX

    Those are prefabbed slabs used for A/C units, etc. I have one under my A/C and it hasn't moved or cracked for over 5 years use with lots of vibration. You are probably fine, they are reinforced. [Your mileage may vary, 4 out of 5 dentists agree, objects in mirror may be closer than they...
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    Intex in Central Texas

    While my family made fun of my dissatisfaction of the level on the sides, my OCD was just a precursor to the eventuality. The pool started walking toward the low side as I thought it would. When it was apparent the legs were moving to the sides of the blocks, all of a sudden they were all...
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    Zen of a balanced pool

    D'oh! I have a cover but have not used it. It is a 24' round pool though, a bit difficult to put on and off I would think. New search term to find appropriate threads!
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    Zen of a balanced pool

    TA is down to 75ppm, PH at 7.2. Woo Hoo! Now to see if it holds in this high heat. I had to add 2" of my high TA fill water yesterday.
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    Zen of a balanced pool

    I use PoolMath every time! Need to load it and my spreadsheet on the phone though, that is always on.
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    Zen of a balanced pool

    Lowered PH to 7.0 morning and evening, good aeration running 24 hours a day (hope the neighbors don't mind). Tonight's numbers: FC 3.0 (added 64oz of 8.25 just to make sure it doesn't drop too much, 103 degrees here today) PH 7.6 (added 40oz MA just like this morning) TA 125ppm! Woo hoo...
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    Best way to combat high water temps and drive PH thru the roof

    I am thinking about a shade sail, it would be more aesthetic. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk
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    Zen of a balanced pool

    Dropped the PH to 7.0 last night and ran the fountain all night. TA dropped to 175 this morning, PH rose to 7.6. Added MA to drop PH to 7.0 again this morning and will keep the fountain going.
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    Zen of a balanced pool

    Off to Lowes for MA. Thanks Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk
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    Zen of a balanced pool

    Is there a formula to estimate the amount of acid and aeration time to lower TA? I can do it experimentally, but don't want to be a slave to testing if it is not necessary.
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    Zen of a balanced pool

    Measured from the hose. PH 7.2 TA 225 ppm CH 225 ppm We are on top of the high quality limestone in North America, the plant is just two miles away. :-)
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    Help please :)

    I don't know if this helps, but my Intex Ozone SWG gave a low salt warning and I added salt. What was really happening was the scale had built up on the generator plates and the unit threw a low salt code. I cleaned the plates (vinegar soak) and then the unit threw a high salt warning. I...
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    Zen of a balanced pool

    I feel I am getting close to a stable chemistry (Taylor K-2006 & K-1766). I am chasing a rising PH but only need to add every few days now. I may back off on pump and swg run time some to see if i can still keep FC in range without driving up PH. The TA is up there and I have done at least...