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  1. artattacktat2


    I absolutely ove this site, love the members, LOVE THE BBB METHOD! While I remove my cover to crystal clear water every year, my relatives and friends pull back their covers to reveal a swamp! Maybe they'll catch on pretty soon! :cheers:
  2. artattacktat2

    Evaporator raising PH too high.

    Hello everyone, I tried a search for the answer, but no such luck. So, I'm hoping someone knows the answer. Since using the BBB method, my water sparkles, so no issues there. I try to keep my PH around 7.4 and ALK at 100-110, I've had no issues doing either, and I know that agitating the...
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    Please help me! Every time we have a thunderstorm, which seems like every other day. My property erupts with the gleeful chirpings of tree frogs, announcing their upcoming orgy in my pool! I'm getting tired of awakening to a ga-zillion little tree frog eggs floating around in there and the...
  4. artattacktat2

    What Now?!

    Ok, I finally got the pool bottom done, new liner in, and filled a couple days ago. The water had a greenish hue to it straight off the truck. No worries, went straight into getting water balanced using the BBB method, here's the results from day one to today. Wondering what's going on with...
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    Vermiculite pool bottom and Gorilla pad

    Ok folks, hope all of you are well. Here's my question.....after installing the pool last year with a sand bottom and not being happy with it, just had a vermiculite bottom installed today. I am wondering if I can reuse, or should I reuse my Gorilla Pad I used on my sand bottom? Will it hold...
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    To winterize or not

    This is our first winter with the new pool. Right now we're running it 24/7, but I was going to set a timer to run maybe 4-6 hours twice a day during the colder temps. I'm wondering if it is possible to leave it open all winter or is this not advisable for fear of freezing. The pool is...
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    Well Water

    Ok, had pool originally filled by having water trucked in, Since then I may have to add an inch or so of water weekly via hose from my 500+ ft deep well. When we have our summer downpours then it really isn't necessary. I'm wondering if adding small amounts of well water is going to put metals...
  8. artattacktat2

    Pool pics

    Here's my little project that I undertook in the hottest two weeks on recent record! Like the makeshift step? Have since installed pool steps and evaporator In the process of redoing upper deck. This is what happens when you don't treat a wood deck!!!!
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    Adding bleach

    After reading some older posts I see that most people are testing and adding bleach in the evening after the sun goes down. I have been doing it in the am before the sun really gets on the pool. I work nights so this really isn't an option unless I want to fumble around out there after dark...
  10. artattacktat2

    Where should my CYA level be?

    Right now it's at 40, and by what I've read, that should be ok. I'm adding 1/2 to 1 full 187oz bottle of bleach at least every day. Should I have higher CYA levels because of the full sun (8am-7PM) My pool is blasted by full sun all day and the temp got up to 94 last Sunday. I plumbed up an...
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    What's going on????

    Ok, I've been testing my water's what I've learned since the initial fill. Using the auto chlorinator and adjusting daily to find that sweet spot, my FC and TC have climbed and have stayed anywhere between 6-12ppm, my CC is still at 0. My friends that own pools say that I must...
  12. artattacktat2

    Slightly Confused

    Ok so my Hayward pump spec plate shows 70 GPM, my sand filter literature shows "design flow rate 67 GPM", and it's hard piped with 1 1/2" Sch40 PVC, which according to Hayward has a "maximum recommended system flow rate of 45 GPM". Someone please decipher all this for me, since it appears...
  13. artattacktat2's the results

    The TF-100 was awaiting my arrival home from work. That was some fast shipping,....thanks again Dave for rock!! Here's a brief background before the results. Pool was filled last Thursday, tossed in a floater with three 3" pucks to ward off the creepy crawlies, pump...
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    Well in my haste to beat the onslaught of severe weather we've been getting hammered with on a daily basis and get my filtration system hooked up. I installed the check valve (back flow preventer) AFTER the auto chlorinator. Between the AC and the return fitting. I now realize that I...
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    Hello All!

    New guy here! Get ready......I'll soon be asking a bunch of redundant and dumb questions! :lol:
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    No Filter

    Ok here's my dilemma. I installed and had my pool filled 4 days ago (12 X 26 EZ Panel Pool, installed mostly inground). I temporarily hooked up the pump only (NO Filter) to circulate the water (big mosquito problem around here) and tossed in a floater with 3-3" tabs. Well today while waiting...