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  1. skydiva44

    Brand new pool, but same as what I had...

    I didn't find this website until my pool was in trouble 3 years ago. We got rid of the old and got a new exact same pool, only this time I want to start off correct. I just got it filled and then read your instructions on what to do, my question is, I bought the HTH Shock and Swim, is this the...
  2. skydiva44

    FC & CC ?

    I have been in the shocking process for a couple of days. My FC held overnight, but my CC is 1, the water is still in that cloudy stage....because of the CC, should I continue the process even if I held FC overnight? FC 16.5 CC 1 CYA 45
  3. skydiva44

    FYI: Intex Magnetic Wall Light

    I was looking for this light for my pool, checked online at Target and Wallyworld...same price at both places $50.00, sold out online so I went to Target and they had them marked at 50% off in the it was $24.99....just wanted to share this info about a good deal! I actually just put...
  4. skydiva44

    Shock level and swimming

    Last week I had a CYA of 70 and I felt that I was dealing with mustard algae, so therefore I was at a higher shock level. I just checked my CYA and it is now 60 after a partial drain/refill suggestion to lower it.. Today my FC is at 28 coming down from that high level, but my CYA is 60 with a...
  5. skydiva44

    Reagent Question

    Is the yellow capped OTO from Wallyworld the same thing as the yellow capped Taylor Reagent #3?
  6. skydiva44

    question about salt in water and CYA

    Last year I used the SWG, this year for whatever reason it is not hooked up yet, but obviously there must still be some salt in the water. I had very bad algae when I opened the pool and it took a month to get it clean. I have maintained my levels accurately, the only thing that I know it still...
  7. skydiva44

    From Green to Clean...IT CAN BE DONE!

    It took nearly a month from start to finish to get a clean pool..but I had some snags along the way with a faulty pump, etc.....but today is the day I jump in with a frozen concoction and literally test the waters! :wink:
  8. skydiva44

    Question about when it's safe to swim..

    I believe that is has been said on here it is safe to swim UP TO shock if my CYA is 50 the FC shock level would be 20, so anything under 20 is safe, is this correct?
  9. skydiva44

    ph question

    After 2 long weeks of trying to shock the pool (pump problems) I have finally held FC overnight and the pool has turned that wonderful milky color and I see the light at the end of the question is what FC level should I start treating my high PH and TA? When I started I had my PH...
  10. skydiva44

    Question about agp

    This may seem like a silly question to some, but I need to take off the plunger valve for the part that sucks in the water..I believe it to be clogged.....HOW do you do this without all that water coming you try and catch it in something or is a matter of working fast...did not come...
  11. skydiva44

    Help with shocking

    I was in the middle of shocking last week and getting no where because my pump was not working properly. I ordered a new bigger pump got it installed but couldn't get it to work for 3 days, so there the green water sat. I poured a jug of bleach in and brushed often, because I had no chlorine...
  12. skydiva44

    New Pump/filter question

    We just got a new 4000 gpm filter/pump, we hooked it up and are not getting any suction thru the intake from the pool, we have disassembled 3 times and put it back on and still no flow. DH is about to throw it thru the back fence by now, we have also tried to get air bubbles out to no...
  13. skydiva44

    What happens if you are in the middle of shocking...

    the pool and the water temp drops to 55. Should I continue or will it do any good with the temps going down into the 30's tonight? Yes it was in the high 70's when I started the process....
  14. skydiva44

    Question about Pollen

    Hi TFP experts, I am trying to get my pool ready for the summer and spring is here with a LARGE amount of Pollen, I did a search to see how to treat this and it seems as though I am to vacuum as many times a day as possible and I got a skimmer sock to use also. Should I even worry about the...
  15. skydiva44

    Easy Set Pool question

    I didn't close down my pool, just covered it. Houston is predicted to get SNOW on Friday, Crazy I know, but all I plan on doing is to keep my pump running to keep it from freezing up...will that be enough.....any other suggestions?
  16. skydiva44

    Am I understanding this right?

    I have been told on here before it is safe to swim UP to shock level. I have been shocking this past week so my level is at 30 right now (I shocked high because I think it was mustard algae)so do we go by the normal shock number? A normal shock level would be 21 for my numbers, so I should not...
  17. skydiva44

    Is is possible to get algae out of the portable stairs?

    I was in the middle of shocking the pool because of algae, I left it in the good hands of my DH for 24 hours while I was out of town, he kept up with the procedure but didn't notice the algae on the stair steps that were in the water or the fact that the skimmer was totally popped out of the...
  18. skydiva44

    Hoping this is not algae again!

    I just noticed some "dirt" at the bottom and I am hoping that is all it is, a little paranoid about getting algae again. I will do the overnight test tonight, but until then here are my numbers. cc=5 fc=5 ph=7.8 ta=140 cya=60 fas-dpd- 14.5 Is doing the overnight test the only way to decipher...
  19. skydiva44

    Should I start the lowering TA process?

    Here are my numbers: PH - 7.8 TA - 170 CYA - 60 FAS-DPD - 12 Thanks!
  20. skydiva44

    What size pump do I need?

    I need to get a more efficient pump for my pool. Found these 2 on Ebay, but not really sure what all the numbers mean, does anyone have one of these with the same size pool I have? Is 1 HP enough or should I go to 1.5? I just don't understand what the difference is between these two other than...
  21. skydiva44

    Testing question

    I just bought Leslie's Total Poolcare DPD Test kit....I am a newbie so have no clue what I am doing or reading. My question is in the first test it says to match color standard immediately, what is the color standard, nothing was included to match colors with in the kit....thanks! Ok never...
  22. skydiva44

    Intex ABG Pump ?

    I just found this awesome site, so haven't had a chance to buy the testing kit yet, but I do have a question about the pump. I currently have the pump that came with my 18 x 48 Easy Set pool. I am at the tailend of getting rid of an algae problem (I hope), the person at the PS said I really...