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    Intelliflo VF is brain dead

    Hi folks! So, I think my Intellflo VF is brain dead. I suspect the pump and motor are fine, but the Control module is dead. I tested both Hot legs feeding the Module and I have power to the unit, but no LED readout at all and no function from the pump. Couple questions... 1. Can I pull...
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    Sphagnum Moss???

    So...strangely enough, I found this info while researching potting soil mixes for my Citrus trees. Thought I'd copy/paste it over here for comments. I'm not really considering it, just seemed like an interesting subject. Could you pour sphagnum moss into your skimmers and supplement your...
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    AutoPilot SC-60 cell replacement

    Hi folks, I think my SC-60 cell might be nearing the end of it's life. I just doesn't seem to be keeping up with chlorine demand anymore. Pool chemistry is fine, but having to manually supplement with bleach now. How do you tell for sure the plates are worn out? They are clean, no scaling...
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    Drain Valve for Pentair CCP 520

    Hi Folks! I'm helping a friend rebuild his pool plumbing pad on a new house/old pool. We are going to replace all of the equipment and he wants to switch from a sand filter to a cartridge. The only problem is the equipment is in an enclosed room with one small floor drain, and a separate 1...
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    Black spot algae?

    Hi folks! I keep getting some little 1/4" round black algae spots in my pool. My numbers seem good and I'm not consuming chlorine overnight, but these little buggers keep showing up. Fairly sure they're some type of algae, they will scrub off, but takes a little effort with a stiff brush...
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    Question about shocking

    I'm currently trying to rid my pool of a small algae issue and have a question about "shocking". My CYA is ~70-75 so according to the Pool Calculator my shock level is 20-21. When I bring the FC level up to 21 and it then drifts down into the 12-17 range during the day/night, am I still...
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    Do I have a problem here?

    Hello folks! I have a good handle on the whole water chemistry thing, but seem to be having a problem maintaining a good 3-4 FC level in my pool lately. I have a Pool Pilot with a SC-60 cell. When I first opened the pool and activated the salt cell about 6 weeks later, I used to be able to...
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    Total Control Peristaltic pump acid ratio

    Anybody know why we cut the acid down 1/4 for this pump? Is it because the plastic tubing can't take the high concentration? Or the PVC? Or is it just to not over treat the pool? I'd like to strengthen the ration to 1/3 if possible so the pump cycles less. Would this hurt anything? This...
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    Intelliflo VF monthly cost

    This is just a FYI, I am running my Intelliflo VF to cycle 30,000 gallons 2x per day, so 60,000 gallons total in 24 hours. The onboard flow meter says 41 gpm at 290 watts. My filter pressure at this slow filter setting is around 2-3 psi. Almost can't read the gauge. the $0.0751...
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    Numbers and a question about recommended levels

    OK, first post with numbers on the new pool. And a big thank you for the education over the past year! Everything y'all said would happen, happened...and I was prepared for it! The pool has been up and running since Friday night. Some basics about my fill water... TA= 160 CH= 90 I've not...
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    How is your booster pump plumbed?

    So... I'm plumbing my pool equipment right now, specifically the booster pump for my Polaris 280 robot. The installation manual says to plumb it in UP-stream of the chlorinator. I was under the understanding that you wanted your robot distributing the freshly chlorinated water around while it...
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    Intelliflo VF software and warranty

    Does the VF have updateable software? Is there a way to flash the memory that operates the pump if Pentair updates it? The point of my question is do I need to be careful where I purchase the pump and make sure it's not a unit that's been on a shelf for two years and now not compatible with...
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    AutoPilot/Intelliflo VF/Suntouch setup

    I plan on using the Pool Pilot SWCG and an Intelliflo VF for my new pool. I have a question regarding the pump timer feature of the Dig-220. Can I use the internal timers on the Intelliflo VF to control itself and the pump timer on the Pool Pilot to control the booster pump for my Polaris 280...
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    I'm going to start another offshoot from JohnT's earlier post on poolside plants. I'm interested in planting some bamboo around one side of my pool. I know alot of folks complain about how rampantly it spreads, but this will be in a contained area that can't really get away very easily...
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    Need some advice on a small automation system

    Hi there, I'm looking for an automation system/control box for a pool only (no spa) that can control a booster pump, two water valves, and two lighting circuits. I don't need one of the high dollar Pentair Intellitouch systems that can control the watersupply for a major city. I've looked...
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    I hate fire ants!!!

    nuff said....grrrr....
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    Tile grout for saltwater pool

    Hi folks! Another question for you builder types out there...I'm hoping to have my tile/coping installed this upcoming week and since I'm self contracting, I have to get all the job materials on site before the crew arrives mid-week. I've got the sub lined up and viewed about 5 pools he's...
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    Need a good pool ladder

    I'm hoping to pour my pool deck in about two weeks and need to get my ladders for the deep end ordered. I'm looking for the dual rail type with the steps that go down into the water about three feet and rest against the inside wall of the pool. I want to be able to remove them most of the...
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    Coping to pool deck joint

    What do the concrete guys pack around the back of the coping and in between a poured concrete deck to leave room for caulking later? It appears to leave about a 3/8"-1/2" gap that is cleared afterwards and then caulked. Anybody know what it is called or where I can get some? Thanks...
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    Pentair cartridge filter comparison

    Hi folks! Does anyone know the difference between the Pentar Clean&Clear Plus filters? I'm getting close to ordering my pump/filter and am still debating a little between sand or cartridge, but leaning toward cartridge. I'm looking at the specs on the two larger size cartridge filters, the...
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    PVC pressure test Question

    I'm pressure testing the 2" PVC lines tomorrow before I bury them. What psi and for how long do you test? I was going to go to 50 psi for a few hours, but decided I'd see what y'all think. Thanks... Jim
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    Need a flowmeter for total gallons

    I need a flow meter to install upstream of my autofill that will measure total gallons used, NOT GPM. Kinda like the city uses in your front yard. Anybody know where I can get one of these? Thanks... Jim
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    Need pump sizing advice!

    Hi folks! I've got my pool build going in a separate thread and am getting more subs lined up for plumbing and decking right now. I need some help with a good pump. I'd like to stick with a Intelliflo or Whisperflo. I need some advice on size and model# of pump. The basic specs of the pool...
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    Gunite shell penetrator leaks

    Hi folks, A quick question here...I just had the shell of my pool shot today. Everything went great and the shell looks great. The only small hitch that happened is the light niche for the deep end of the pool ended up a little crooked and by the time we noticed, the gunite was just starting...
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    Belldiver's Pool Build

    After spending most of last year interviewing with various local pool builders and doing hours and hours of research online, and getting tons of good info from TFP and it's members, I decided to self contract this pool build. I just wasn't satisfied with the PB's I met or the prices they were...
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    Bond beam dimensions

    Hello, I'm getting ready to start a self-contracted pool build. I've done my homework and understand the gunite shell and basic pool plumbing. Most bond beams are 12" x 12" with 4 x 1/2 rebar rods and the shell is usually minimum 6" thick with 3/8" rebar on max 9" centers. I do notice...
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    Underwater speakers

    I just stumbled across these... Has anyone ever installed speakers in a pool? Or heard them? Sounds interesting. You could listen to dolphin or whale noises while you swim!
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    Thread tools

    Is there a way to add some thread tools? I visit another non-pool related forum board that has some handy thread tools. A few that I use are: subscribe to thread, view subscribed threads. I don't see those options here. Just a thought. Thanks...
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    Gunite shell durability

    Hi folks! I'm very seriously considering self-contracting my pool build. I've spoken to several PB's in town and have not gotten what I would consider a very good response. Very high bids and a tough time getting return calls. I guess they have enough work that they can do this right now. I...
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    Pool depth slopes

    A quick question... What's the maximum slope you can drop in a gunite pool? I keep hearing there is some restriction, but don't really understand why. If the sides of the pool are vertical, why can a dropoff not be steep as well? Thanks...