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    Brand new Pentair CCP420 spitting crud back in pool

    Hi, had a brand new Pentair cartridge filter ccp420 installed yesterday with all new pvc piping. I am also in the middle of clearing up an algae issue. Water is getting clearer. Today when I turned pump on again (it auto shuts off at 6am) I noticed it spewing green dirt out of the side holes. I...
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    Not seeing a chart on how much to put in to do various things??

    when I do a search i only get forums and not articles. I need to know how much soda ash to put in to raise ph and TA. I have read some of the chemical articles and i do not see anything about how much to put in or how to disperse. thx
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    How do I use ph up crystals? dissolve or pour in pool as is. No instructions.

    hi, bought ph up and all it says is to 'broadcast'. Does that mean i just spread the crystals evenly around the edge of pool, or do i dissolve it first in bucket of water? my ph is really low. thx
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    Thinking of replacing with a Hayward S210T sand filter to go with my 1hp motor. Good thing?

    hi, giving up on my old american sandpiper 24" sand filter from the 70's. It's hard to find parts, and the pvc plumbing needs to be replaced anyway. Mine has side mount multiport valve. Decided to replace it, but not sure what size/model to get? I have a Waterco SupaTuf 1hp motor. My current...
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    Recirculate returns nothing to pool; Help!

    Hi, i have an old 1974 Sylvan plaster pool with a 24" American sandpiper sand filter, and a newer waterco 1hp pump. I have one 'main drain' in deep end of diving pool. about 22k gallons i think. I have an Americana pac fab multiport valve. It has limited settings. It doesn't have 'recirculate'...