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    Anyone Have a Winter Pool Dome - Ameridome or Others?

    Do you leave the thermal pool cover on during the day? Would the pool gain more heat from the sun if the pool cover is removed during the day? What thermal pool cover do you have? How much is your gas bill just for the pool?
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    Pool is filling up by itself!

    Air hits cold surface at night and causing water to condense ?? This probably needs high humidity. I have seen my pool level goes up by an inch with no rain and fill faucet is tightly closed.
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    Please use eye protection (goggles) when adding Muratic Acid

    The 14% acid doesn't smell bad at all compare to the 31% I used before which had lots of fumes. I think the 14% is much safer to use than the 31%.
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    Pump replacement options Variable vs single speed

    Pentair Superflo VS 342001 pump has 1.5 HP. About $700 online. Cheaper than other models.
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    Just got a Pentair superflo VS 1.5. Ran single speed for 4 hours. How long for the VS?

    My 20k pool I program the same VSP to run 2400 rpm for 1.5 hour, then 1200 rpm for 6 hour. When the DE filter is a bit clogged I increase the 2400 to 2600 so my suction cleaner can still work. No SWG.
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    Energy Audit Recommends Variable Speed Pump

    I bought a SuperFlo VS from eBay and get someone to install it. Typical quote to install SuperFlo VS in my area is about $200-$250.
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    Walmart Pool Essentials - Stock Up?

    Most of the Walmart in my area is out of liquid Chlorine. I eventually found one that has many. Pool section has shrink in size so I feel they are done for the season.
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    Solar cover tear repair?

    The solar cover I use for more than a year has tears about 1 foot long. Is there any way to repair that? Any underwater tape that works on those?
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Walmarts around don't have any more liquid Chlorine. Will they restock or it is done for the season?
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    Do solar cover reels work?

    Follow the exact instructions in Solar Roller of how to cut up your solar cover. Using Solar Roller: Roll up is easy and always works. Unroll can be difficult if you don't do it right. Here are my tips. Unroll the first foot by hand with roller floating on water. Sort out one end go to left...
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    Do solar cover reels work?

    I used solar roller for a few years. Design is good for irregular shaped pools. No need to completely pull the heavy cover out of the pool is a big benefit. However quality is not durable. The connectors holes on the rods break apart in the second year. Then more connector holes break every...
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    pool chemical storage

    Pucks and dry acid can emit corrosive vapor. Their bucket containers are not air tight. I have seen metal corroded by them in the same closet.
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    How much better are robots vs suction cleaners?

    I own a Kreepy Krauly suction cleaner for 6 years. I left it in the pool all the time. When I swim, I put the hose on the deck so the KK is by the side still in the water. That is easy to do. I found it is pretty much maintenance and repair free. I have a leaf canister. I never own a...
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    Purchasing solar cover for uneven-shaped pool? Get two?

    I have an odd size pool and I cut my cover in half. I use Solar Roller to roll up and keep the cover in the water. It also has instructions to tell you how to cut the cover for odd size pool. It works but not very durable for me. It starts to break after 2 years.
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    digital readout testers vs colour charts

    I use AquaChek TruTest digital test strip reader to get pH, Cl and Alk. It is easy and accurate as I test it indoor. I never need to color match or calibrate. I used that weekly for years and my pool doesn't have any problem. For occasional long test I use Taylor test.
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    Is there any insulating blanket for pool?

    There are some gym flooring mat products that can give some insulation. Vinyl wraped, folding 4'x8'x2" mat. $114 each, $3.56/sq ft. No R rating since it is not intended for insulation. Points to think about: Someone...
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    Is there any insulating blanket for pool?

    I have a solar cover. I want to reduce heat loss at night. Is there any product like a floating water-proof blanket to put on top of the water to reduce heat loss at night? It can also be solid foam boards. I can put them on in the evening and remove them in the morning. Has anyone tried...
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    kreep krauly

    If it climbs on the wall high enough close to the water surface, air may get into the KK. Also at this situation the hose can be on the water surface and if the hose connections are not completely tight (there is a loose coupling between KK and the hose), air can also get sucked in. Adjust the...
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    Aquacheck 7 test strip

    I use Aquachek digital test strip reader regularly so I don't have to compare colors. I get Cl, pH and Alk in one strip. It is accurate and repeatable once I learn how to use it. Every few months I use my Taylor kit to do a long test checking CYA and others readings that don't change much...
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    Electrician says normal for breaker to equipment pad to sometimes trip when it rains?

    I had the same problem every time it rains, the pump GFCI breaker trips. I found out the wires near the pump electrical inlet the insulation is cracked. Also the conduit is old and water leaks in from the cracks. When water seeps in and conducts electricity it causes the breaker to trip. I...
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    Add a sock to Pentair pump basket

    I changed my pump to Pentair pump and the basket design is different from the old one. The new basket is tall and water shoots in from the side opening. Is there a sock I can use for this Pentair pump basket? If not, is there a different kind of pump basket for this pump that works with socks?
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    New variable speed pump

    I recently bought a Pentair SuperFlo VS 1.5 HP $450 from eBay + $150 installation - $200 electric company rebate = $400. I think that is a great price and the pump works really well.
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    is pool heater worth it if you are not going to cover at night?

    Have you tried Solar Roller? It can roll and unroll solar cover quite easily and the cover can stay in the pool while you swim.
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    Leave open for winter or close?

    I live in California and have non-freezing winter so I never close my pool. If algae can't grow below 60F, can I stop the pump and stop adding chlorine when water is below 60 F?
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    How do you collect water when it's cold?

    Buy a ladle.
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    Leaving for 12 days without pool care. How to keep from going green

    I have done 17 days vacation this summer in CA. I setup 2 floaters, one with 3 tablets, one with 4 tablets. I put solar cover on and it holds the floaters still. I remove skimmer socks. I pour in 2 gallons of Cl and 50% extra pool acid before I leave. When I come back there is still little...
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    Pool Thermometers

    I use a solar top readout Splash DT837/LES thermometer. No problem for 2 years. Splash DT837/LES Solar Powered Digital Thermometer
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    pH measurement via non-visual inspection?

    I use Aquachek Trutest test strip reader. It has digital readout of Cl, pH and Alk. The result is good and consistent most of the time if I do it indoor where it is dark. I measure twice for confirmation of results. I know some of you don't trust test strips, but it works for me for years...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    A cheap way to extend the swim season is to use a wet suit. I can swim in 73 degree water without a huge shock when I wear a wet suit. Water feels a lot warmer. There are long and short sleeve wet suits. I use a short sleeve.
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    Rubber ducky says time is running out!

    A cheap way to extend the swim season is to use a wet suit. I can swim in 73 degree water without a huge shock when I wear a wet suit. Water feels a lot warmer. There are long and short sleeve wet suits. I use a short sleeve.