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    No pump for 5 days - turning green on day 3

    The pool pump failed on Friday afternoon and we had this extremely busy weekend (painting the house with friends). I ordered the replacement on Monday and I should get it in about 2 days. We had 3 days of 85+ degrees and the pool is turning green - slight visible algae at spots. I'm raising...
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    New to BBB, pool is clear, requires 2ppm ever day - algae?

    Recently converted BBB pool is clear, but requires 2ppm every day. Still have algae? Hi, I moved to bleach recently but will not get a good test kit until late this summer. Previous years, I used to maintain 3-6ppm (targetting 4) with pucks in a chlorinator and OTO, fighting algea oubreaks...
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    Request advice - repair piping under concrete walkway

    Hi there. First post. Love the content and tone of posts I read so far. I'm looking for hints in repairing a leak in piping under the cement walkway, next to the entry stairs to my inground vinyl lined pool. I know it's there beacause I hear a gurgling sound. Those pipes were not used until...