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    Weird results after pool party...

    So I tested this at 7:49am: FC. 7 CC 0 pH 7.4 After 4 kids playing for 2 hours midday.... tested again at 5:49pm FC. 7 CC. 0 pH 7.6 Sunny all day and around 87 degrees. I lost NO chlorine???
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    Was low on chlorine...for a few days!

    So I was low on what should be my "proper level". Pool is crystal clear and looks great... I test daily and here are my results. May 31 FC 4 CC 0 Ph 8 TA 125 CH 250 CYA 70-80 Missed June 1st June 2 am FC 2 CC 0 added 1 gallon of chlorine June 3 am FC 1.5 CC 0 added 1 gallon MA and2...
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    Shout out to THe "Original Pool Cleaner"

    I have a 33,000 gal reqtangular pool. I have the "Original Pool Cleaner" on pretty much all the time. I have had this one for 3 years and it runs like a champ. I "may" brush the walls 2x per month, if that, as the pool cleaner goes easliy up the walls. Pool is spotless...highly recommend...well...
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    1 gallon of Muratic Acid later....

    I have posted a few times about how high my pH is and continually drifts (quickly). I put 1 full gallon of MA in today and it reads 7.4!!!!! That is the most I have ever put in at one time. Pool is 33,000 gallons. I do have a spillover from spa to pool, which aerates the water. How long do you...
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    HELP!!!! Filter(Cartridge) housing explosion leaking!!!

    So its done this now 3 to 4 times. I just bought lube, and thought it was fixed, but today when the pump came on it was exploding water out like Niagara Falls. I seriously want to cry. My husband just left and I dont have money to fix anything.... Now I smell something like "electrical...
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    Cant keep pH down

    Yesterday morning, numbers were as follows: FC 8 CC 0 pH 8++ TA 125 CH 250 CYA 70 So, I dumped my 4th gallons of Muratic Acid in. The first 2 gallons over the past 3 weeks were from my sister and probably not the freshest. The 2nd 2 gallons I have put in the past week or so, were fresh, from...
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    When to run pump and add bleach

    So my pool has a spillover/waterfall from the attached spa into the pool. I love to hear the water and see the water fall over. I typically run the pump from 10am to 6pm and it is in full sun all day. My questions are: When is best time to run pump? When is best time to add bleach? Should...
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    Pool should be drunk on M Acid...but it's NOT!

    So I have now added almost 2 gallons of MA, and my pH is still over 8!!! FC 5 CC 0 PH over 8 TA 175 CH 275 CYA ran out of regents, on order from, Pool Store says 70, but my last test was 85-90 MA is 31% from Leslie's.....bought today Any ideas?
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    Test kit K2006 ....not happy

    Should have bought tK100 from here, but I'm an amazon prime member hence the k-2006. here is my gripe! you need 7 ml to do a CYA test. Kit says it can do 8 CYA test. But each test take 7ml and the 2 bottles only have 22ml in each, so 48 ml total. Which is 6 tests, not 8!!! Further, there is no...
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    Interesting numbers...

    Backstory...newbie with super high CYA, around 290 according to Pool Store, which had to be correct since I drained about 75% of pool and CYA tested with my K-2006 was still 85 to 90. So here were the numbers after adding chlorine and trying to do an OCLT Pre OCLT, after sundown...pool pump on...
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    Didnt pass OCLT...need to drain more...HELP!!!!

    I am new, started out with high CYA, my T-2006 says over 100 and pool store says 290. So I rented a pump and drained around 75-85% of pool. I tested fill water and 0 CYA. I then filled pool, re-took CYA and it was 85-90. Still high. I then did OCLT test and did not pass. Went from FC 18 to FC...
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    Probably a dumb question...but here goes! :+)

    So I have high CYA still after about an 80-85% drain/refill. It was north of 290 before drain and now is around 90. While I realize that I need to maintain a higher level of chlorine, between 10-12ppm, am I correct in assuming that it may "maintain" my chlorine better or "lose less" since my CYA...
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    New numbers after 85% (approx) pool drain..

    After new water, 2 gallons of bleach and 24 hours of pump on.... FC 5 CC 0 PH 8 TA 225 CH 300 CYA 90 UGH!!!! down from 290 reading from Pool Store So, Pool Math says add 95oz MA and still drain 11%. I cant drain anymore right now. Maybe next billing cycle! :0) What should I do? TIA!!
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    What is good level of CYA when pool is 100% in sun/So Cal?

    Draining pool as we speak due to crazy high CYA around 300. Pool is about 33,000 gallons so I am thinking of draining about 80%. Comments? Thanks is advance!!!:mrgreen:
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    Drain question! HELP!!!

    I need to drain due to high CYA numbers. I thought I was going to buy a pump, but noticed a spigot in my equipment area. Is that to drain or fill?? I have a cartridge filter system. Thanks in advance!!!
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    Serious coping problems...need advice!

    I have a 18x38 IG pool with auto cover that has been broke for years ( before I bought house) . Coping is severely damages the entire perimeter of pool, I "think" due to 5 years drought, earthquakes, and auto cover tracking/poor installation. Question is: 1)should I repair now or wait till...
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    Newbie just got TK K-2006 Complete....numbers posted please help!

    Drumroll......... FC 1 CC .4 pH 8 CH 775 CYA over 100 (pool store test says 250) TA 290 TDS didn't show how to do on K-2006, but pool store test says 2900 For what it's worth, my local Leslie's was on the money with all numbers compared to my testing. So, please tell me what to do or confirm...
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    Newbie here! Test kit on its way, but have some questions!

    Hello Everyone! I have been lurking and reading tons of threads-what an education and I have already learned so much. Thank you all! Backstory: Recently single, hub used to "care" for pool and now its on me. Pool is 38x18 IG, plaster, Chlorine pool. I have ordered Taylor 2006 kit which will be...