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    Pentair MasterTemp 250 runs for couple minutes then triggers Service Heater light

    It starts fine, runs for 2-3 minutes then triggers the Service Heater. I took the front panel off to see the LEDs on the board and I see nothing that is on. What would tigger the Service light if no LEDs are triggered? If I turn it off and turn it back on, it will run again for the 2-3...
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    Why does our Pentair EasyTouch controller keep switching back and forth from Pool to Spa mode?

    We have a new Pentair EasyTouch controller with a Leisure Pools Pool/Spa combo. It's plumbed so it can either be in Pool mode or Spa mode. I've noticed the control unit keeps switching the valves back and forth from Pool to Spa about every 20 minutes. There are no schedules set and no egg...