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    TA Mistake

    I've made a tragic error and I need some help fixing it! My pool was neglected for almost a week (teacher, first week of school....) and had started getting a little icky, so I decided to SLAM. Trying to do it right, I checked TA and PH first and the TA was a little low (30), so I followed pool...
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    First Test (ever...)

    So I got a little giddy when my Taylor 2006C came in today! Watched the videos and did the tests and I’m afraid the solution may be expensive. :( FC 0.4 pH 7.0 TA 30 CH 380 CYA 100 (maybe a little higher, uggh) I added 4 lbs of 73% Cal-Hypo (it’s what I had bought at the pool store before I...
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    First Time Pool Owner

    Hi! I’m totally new to all of this. My husband and I bought a new (to us) house a few months ago and it has a big pool! We’re excited! We’re also clueless! I was just bumming around the internet, trying to be less ignorant and ran across this little slice of heaven. I’ve been reading Pool...