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    Hayward super pump leak problem

    I have a 6-7 year old 1hp pump that has a leak in the center between the pump and motor. I have taken it to the pool store 4x and each time it comes back it is leaking. First time they replace the mechanical seal saying it had pine needles. 2nd time a week later again was told it was filled with...
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    Pump pressure vacuum

    I'm having an issue with the pump losing pressure when I go to vacuum. The pump seems fine when he vacuum hose is not attached but as soon I do it seems to fill with air and cannot get pressure. I have replaced the hose twice and that doesn't change anything. I can't think of anything that will...
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    Poolwalls possible leaking

    Hi I think I may be leaking water between the joints in the walls and I had a couple of questions 1- Can anyone tell if this are fiberglass or if not what can they be the bottom is concrete. 2- Would a leak through the joints cause the washout under the apron? Thanks
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    Added a pool heater now pressure low

    I added a new pool heater a distance from the pool equipment and now the pressure has dropped. The new heater is 20' away with 2 - 90 degree turns. I have a 1 hp pump now and am thinking I will have to increase it but to what?
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    AquaPro heat

    Does anyone have +/-'s on the AquaPro heat pumps? There is one at Costco here for 2700 for the 112000 unit. It seems diffucult to find reviews on the different heat pumps.
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    Pool heat pump recommendations

    We have a 16x38 IG pool and am trying to figure out what would be the best heat source for the money. After doing some research I believe a heat pump would work the best but have been having a hard time narrowing it down on a make and model. Could someone advise the +/- of different ones.
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    Paint colors

    We are looking at painting a concrete and fiberglass pool. I have been trying to get quotes but appears there are very few people who do it. I have been looking at several websites that carry paint and was wondering what would be the best color to use. Any suggestions?