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    Goldline Automation - Actuator Help

    All the actuators I've seen have a small 3-position toggle switch that sets normal action, off, and reverse action. Perhaps one of your switches is set incorrectly.
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    Holy Electricity Bill, Batman!

    If you have a Smart Meter installed for your service, you can go to the SCE.COM site and configure your account to show your usage by month, day, or hour by hour, usually delayed by a day or two. This is really useful to track down surprise usage. There are several low cost devices that...
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    Stenner with Tank Mounting

    The white Stenner tubing is not UV rated and will fail quickly in direct sunlight. Stenner also offers black tubing that is UV rated and works well outside.
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    Chlorine level varies greatly

    I had similar problems with my Stenner system a while back. It turned out to be an internment suction side leak at some compression fittings I used. I installed a flow meter on the suction side and could occasionally see an air bubble go by. I found and replaced the cracked hose and all was well...
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    Stenner Pump stopped working

    You could have a leak on the suction side from a cracked hose or fitting. If you have a duckbill check valve, it could be plugged. If you've never changed your black hoses in 6 years you could have sufficient sediment deposits to plug the line. Depending on how you attached the injector, you...
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    Reliable SWG's for under $700??

    If you are using 128 oz of 8.25% bleach every day in your 20K pool that's about 4.2 ppm loss per day. I think their may be a problem with your water, or the bleach.
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    Surprised when looking for chlorine in Murrieta CA (SoCal) coming from FL

    Welcome to SoCal. I get my 10% chlorine at Home Depot. I always check the date code and usually find it about 4 weeks old. This varies by store and occasionally some 6-month old shows up. If you are new to SoCal you may not be ready for our power rates. I'm on SCE and was paying as much as 31...
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    Add SWG Copper Pipe after Old Heater

    My pool has an ancient Laars Series One heater and has about 30" of copper on the in & out lines, PVC everywhere else. According to the manual: Do not install PVC plastic piping directly to the heater inlet/outlet header. PVC pipe does not have the high temperature capabilities required to...
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    Stenner pump problem

    You need to remove all the salt deposits. I take my injector apart and let it soak in diluted acid in an open area. Rinse and reassemble. If the wedge end of the duckbill isn't closed, replace it. Before you replace the injector also check for deposits in the fitting. I was surprised to find...
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    Stenner pump problem

    Do you regularly clean the injector and duckbill check valve for salt deposits? I do mine every 6 months after I learned the hard way.
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    Problem with Stenner Pump

    Most black tubing is UV resistant and safe to use outdoors in direct sunlight, but most clear or translucent tubing isn't. Also whatever tubing used needs to be chlorine compatible. PTFE is semi-transparent and chlorine resistant but costs about $5/foot. I use a Stenner AK600 flow indicator...
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    Stenner Pump priming?

    My Stenner self primes. I have a flow meter on the suction side and can see liquid flow after a few minutes. I think you should look for a leak on the suction side tubing and fittings. If you have a duck-bill check valve it may be installed backwards. Good luck.
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    Is this the lighting junction?

    It looks like my pool light junction box except mine (20+ years old) has a brass base. The jacketed cable looks like it's from the pool light. Do a web search for: pool light junction box code The code requires the box to be at least 4" above grade & 8" above the maximum water line. Looks like...
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    Help with Jandy Valve

    One direction is your skimmer, the other your main drain. It is likely set for skimming action with a little bit of drain. Move it to the other direction and check that the skimmer is off. Put it back the way it was and label the pipes.
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    Here we go again - Variable Speed Pump and GFCI breaker tripping AGAIN ??

    If your reading was 2,000 ohms at 500 volts that would be .25 amps, a massive fail. I suspect the reading was really 2,000 K ohms or 2 Meg ohms, for a leakage of .25 mA.
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    CYA Sample Solution (50ppm) Photo

    The 50 ppm CYA standard, R-7065.
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    CYA Sample Solution (50ppm) Photo

    I use 10 ml of water, 10 ml of reagent. Mix for 30 seconds and let it stand for at least 2 minutes. Then I transfer to the red cap bottle and fill the sample tube until the black dot is occluded. I note the value and repeat until I get a consistent reading. Then I repeat the test with my own...
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    CYA Sample Solution (50ppm) Photo

    I got a pint bottle of R-7065 standard last season to calibrate my readings. When I mixed up my first sample I was surprised there was no trace of the black dot or the white background at 50ppm. Nothing like your picture. I've retested several times along with new R-0013 this season with the...
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    Stenner Run Time

    I run my VS filter pump 3 times to take advantage of time of day power billing: 6AM, noon, and 11PM. I run my Stenner pump 75% at night and 25% at noon.
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    jandy aqualink controler

    Get some 5/16" or larger nylon braded rope at your hardware store. If you've never done this before there are some videos on YouTube that will help. Look for something like "pull wire in conduit." Good luck!
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    jandy aqualink controler

    Most likely there is a conduit that runs from the remote directly to your Jandy outside control panel. The spa remote connects to pins 9 to 14 of the smaller header. To replace it first turn off the circuit breaker for your Jandy. Disconnect the remote's wires from the header and attach a pull...
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    Intellicomm II --> Compool 3600

    I control my Intellifow with my 20+ year old Jandy Ji8000 and an IntelliComm II interface. Works great. I wanted 3 pump speeds for: Normal filtering High speed for backwash The PoolCleaner suction cleaner The Ji8000 has both Hi & Low speed modes for a conventional pump, so I wired the 220...
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    Recommendations for pool brush and rake/net

    I got a ProTuff 19" pool rake from Amazon: It works great and they really do give you a free replacement if it fails. Check out the reviews.
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    Amazon extra warranty coverage on a Pentair Intellifo

    If you are an SCE customer (as I am) you can self install and claim the $200 rebate from them. SCE doesn't ask for an installer invoice, just the store invoice. I had mine installed so I could get the Pentair warranty and it cost nearly $200. If you can, do a self install, get the SCE rebate and...
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    Remotely activating a Pentair IntelliFlo VS Pump

    I got a new Intellicom 2 on ebay for about $100 two years ago and use it with my 20+ year old Jandy automation system. Works great! You would also need a small power supply to run it and a place to keep it dry.
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    Any downfall to installing a "too big" heater?

    If it's a natural gas unit you may need a bigger meter or a larger feed line from the meter to the heater.
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    Leaf + tree debris problem? Cheaper options?

    I got a 4-wheel suction Poolvergnugen about 2 years ago and I’m happy with it. I added an actuator to the 3-port valve to control it with my automation system. The cleaner lives in the pool and runs for 1 hour a day with the VS pump at high speed. Otherwise the cleaner is off when I run at low...
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    Gas heater life expectancy

    What’s the range of useful life for a gas pool heater? What are the usual reasons they are replaced? I'm in sunny SoCal so it's hardly used and enclosure rust-out isn't an issue.
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    is light Ok?

    You should test it. Push the red button, the GFCI should trip, the light should go out.
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    New Cleaner Ordered: Poolvergnuegen 2 wheel and other stuff

    My 4-wheel cleaner is 2 years old and I'm glad I got it. It lives in the pool year round and runs 1 hour a day. I just changed the tires, the only "repair" I've done. In the fall I get some large seed pods -- the size of jumbo olives -- that fall in and sink to the bottom. If it eats 2 or 3 at...