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    testing salt levels

    Salt test strips are the acceptable to test the salt level.
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    New Pool Since July

    Your Ph cant be trusted as your FC is above 10. Your TA could come down and your CYA needs to come up. The plates are inside the tube. Some good reading for you: edit: beat by dmanb2b
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    Bleach Expiration Date?

    Thank you for that information choitink, and welcome to the forum :wave:
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    Honeybees and pool noodles

    We had that problem with bees too, now we shake the noodles off and take them in doors when not in use.
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    Welcome to the forum :wave: You should start here before purchasing chemicals for the pool: That will get you started, then read POOL SCHOOL and get one of the recommended test kits. [Edit] to fix link
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    Pool school pdf

    You open the page then click on view source, then Ctrl A, then paste to note pad and save as Pool Calculator.html When ready to look at it just right click on it and open with your browser. That's how i carry it with me on my lap top.
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    Question about tracking tests

    There are several here on the forum, just use the search function :)
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    Fri started to notice some green

    Welcome to the forum :wave: You need to read POOL SCHOOL upper right of the screen. Start with: You can purchase stabilizer at Wal-mart.
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    Backswimmers, Argh. Oh, and Hi!

    You test them with test strips: To add them:
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    New Sws owner/ slimy pool walls/ low fc

    After you go through the Shocking Process as linen pointed out you need to run the SWCG more than what you are. On mine I run mine 3 hours a day with a CYA level of 50, I know this is below the recommended cYA level but for now my pool stays clear and maintains a FC level of 9 ppm. Your salt...
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    Black "Click" Bugs

    Whatis normal? John is asking for: FC CC PH TA CH CYA
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    Liquid stabilizer OK?

    I used the liquid but will go the cheaper route next time its needed :)
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    new to the forums

    Welcome to the forum :wave:
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    Blue Granular Residue in Pool

    That looks like my daughters pool noodle only hers is orange. So I bought a new one.
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    TC at 0 for several days - pool still clear - shock?

    Add some bleach and Perform the Overnight FC Loss Test?
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    Hello new Member Here

    Welcome to the forum :wave:
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    How do they stay in business

    Welcome to the forum :wave:
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    can my 18x48 round metal pool be hooked up to saltwater pump

    Re: can my 18x48 round metal pool be hooked up to saltwater I would recommend that the SWCG and pump be separate, that way if one goes bad you don't have to replace the whole thing. Search the forum, lots of users have made that mod. There is an adapter that hooks to the skimmer. Read POOL...
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    Iron in water

    A friend of mine took several old socks and tied them around the end of the hose and turned the water on low. It took awhile to fill the pool pool but it helped a lot.
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    Water test on my fill water

    Welcome to the forum! To lower TA read Pool School and see this link
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    intex code 92 on salt chlorinator

    See my signature to get a great test kit, the salt strips are optional and could be purchased locally but you just cant beat the TFTestkit :)
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    intex code 92 on salt chlorinator

    What is your Salt level reading, you do have a salt test strip right? Welcome to the forum :wave:
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    Just getting started

    Welcome to the forum justagi! :wave:
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    Newbie to the site, cloudy pool

    Cant beat a Speed Stir:
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    Help with BBB

    Lowes or Wal-Mart normally carry it. Your local hardware store should have it also.
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    How much bleach to have on hand?

    Welcome to the forum tishadw74! :wave: Wait on your test kit, you cant trust those strips!
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    New pool and first time owner please help with bbb

    As 257WbyMag posted above
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    I Need Help..... New Pool Owner..

    :wave: Welcome to the forum! :wave:
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    Adding salt to a pool without a SWG

    Welcome to the forum :wave: You can get salt test strips at And be sure to read Pool School lots of great information there :)
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    Virgin above-ground SWG pool owner needs advice

    Using shows your pool to be about 17800 gallon. to achieve shock value of 10 ppm you would need 3 gallons or 2 (182 oz) jugs. Or oval 15700 gallons Get a proper test kit ASAP, (see my signature), a pool store reading would be better than nothing till it...