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    New here from FL

    So very happy to find this site, although it's making me realize how very much I do NOT know and didn't realize I needed to know :lol: We are just finishing up a pool build and are very excited to get to it. Initially, I did not want a pool b/c I had a young son and was terrified that I might...
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    Kreepy Krauly Landshark or G3?

    We can get either of these for just over 200 bucks, after rebate. Our pool is 15ft at the shallow end, 11 wide at the deep (5.5ft) end, 27 feet long. I guess that puts us on the average size, haven't figured out the volume yet. Any input on which of these is better? I've tried searching the...
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    About to be a pool owner!

    We started a pool build just about 6 weeks ago and should have the finished product in 2 weeks. My husband grew up with a pool, but I have never really had anything to do with them :lol: And as it was, the pool care, I'm sure, went to his parents. At the moment, our first concern/question is...