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    Hayward pump shaft seals

    In June 2010 with the help of the pool service manager, we made sure everything above ground that we can get a connection to is bonded. As to what's going on under the ground, I have no idea. Are there any things I can check at the surface that will give me more assurance that the whole system...
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    Hayward pump shaft seals

    Number of years at house with pool - 6 Number of NEW Hayward pumps - 3 Number of new shaft seals - I wish I knew... And to top it all off, I didn't catch a leaking shaft seal early enough last year and my pump motor is completely frozen up. I can't even get it to turn with vice grips and a...
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    New to Pool School and New Pool Owner...first time on forum

    Re: New to Pool School and New Pool Owner...first time on fo If you water isn't high enough to start your pump, continue filling until you can start the water circulating. After the water has been circulating at least an hour, post a full set of water test results like this: FC - Free...
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    Dumb newbie question

    My CYA (and a few others) goes to zero over the winter. I still use bleach as my sanitizer because of the problems I had when following the pool store recommendations using trichlor. If you're willing to cut me in on the profits, I'll save you a big supply of water when I open next spring for...
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    Re: CYA test off the chart

    Since you're in AZ, reverse osmosis might be an option for you to get your CYA down. If your water cost is high, that can help be a deciding factor as well. I know there are often companies that will do this in arid regions, but don't know what your specific options are. Just another option...
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    Old Pool, New Owner, Cloudy Water

    Welcome. Sounds like there's a good chance it's just working on cleaning the water. If you can post a full set of test results, it will help everyone figure out the best course of action. -- Pete
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    Inground Pool not used for 3 years, is full of leaves, etc

    Re: Inground Pool not used for 3 years, is full of leaves, e It depends somewhat on how much stuff is in there and how wet the surrounding soil is. It is far safer if you can scoop out the material with a pool leaf rake. Draining can cause the liner to wrinkle, shift or "float" if the water...
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    Fastest way to add large quantities of CYA?

    You can use as many socks in as many places as you like. One in front of each return and in the skimmer (if that doesn't restrict your water flow) is fine. Some people like to massage the sock occasionally, which can help it dissolve more quickly, but it's not necessary to do that either. You...
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    Draining my pool to rid algae!!!

    The algae is going to come back quickly if you don't maintain a high enough level of chlorine in the new water. If you haven't already drained the pool, my suggestion is to post a full water test and get some thoughts first. Rarely is draining a pool to control algae the right answer.
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    Fastest way to add large quantities of CYA?

    There's really not any reason to hurry. I personally prefer putting it in a sock in front of a return. The return blowing water on it seems to dissolve it fairly quickly. If it takes a few days to get the full amount in there, it's not going to make that much of a difference. I wouldn't...
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    Hayward S240 O-ring replacement

    Not 100% sure where you mean. Are you talking about where the top connector to the multiport goes, or the black "hat" on the top of the filter? If it's the black hat on the top of the filter, Hayward makes a plastic wrench that fits over it that makes in MUCH easier (in my opinion) to get it...
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    HELP!! High Pressure every hour on opening!

    Even if you have to put the system on bypass, keep your pool at shock level. That way all the nasties are dead and it's a matter of getting them out of the pool. If you try to shock and filter only on the weekend you may never get the pool clear. My two cents is to keep it on bypass when you...
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    Help with syncing Jandy replacement PDA remote

    Hopefully someone with this system will come along, but if it helps this looks like it might be the installation manual. Seems like the info you need may be on page 23. Sorry if you've already tried your manual. Hope you get it sync'ed up. -- Pete
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    HELP!! High Pressure every hour on opening!

    You should get some expert help soon, but if you're looking for a fast answer, I'd suggest moving back to bypass during the hours you can't tend to the filter until it's building up at a more reasonable rate. DE filters are notorious for finely filtering the water, but when it's got a lot of...
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    Chlorine Issues

    I don't have anything to add to the advice the mods gave you, but I wanted to say that more than one of us have been there. Whatever is causing the problem isn't going to survive the chlorine and it will come to an end! Hang in there!! Good luck! -- Pete
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    New Pool - What chemicals to have on hand?

    Beer Dave. Stock up on Beer!! :)
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    Pool guy just shocked the what?

    I got beat to the punch, but ^^^^what they said. Like Richard is saying, your CYA is basically 0. You'll want to raise that to at least 20 or 30 to help protect the chlorine from the sun. I think your biggest problem right now is your pH, that's really high. You need to add some muratic acid...
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    Getting rid of Algae, new to BBB - could use some help!

    Double check all your numbers after your TF-100 gets there. I'm suspect that your CC may not be as high as that says. I know my local pool store does Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine, you'd actually have to subtract to get the Combined Chlorine number. Any chance that CC - 10 is actually your...
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    Where to begin with our swamp?

    I didn't see any mention of you getting your own quality test kit. If you're just depending on the pool stores BioGard test system, keep in mind that FC will max out at 5 even if you're over that. You should get a Taylor K-2006 or TFTestkits TF-100 so you can test your chlorine level yourself...
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    Where to begin with our swamp?

    Mine looked just like that this year when I opened it. We had a colicy baby late in the season last year and pool care suffered badly (ok, we all suffered badly.) But we're past all that now and on our way to a nice blue pool. Our cover was intact and we had little to dig out, which is nice...
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    Adding slide

    We have a 16.5' x 32.5' ft pool with one main drain, one skimmer, two returns and a "pop up" fountain in the shallow end. We're hoping to add a slide within the next year. This summer we're doing work on our patio area and will have the ground dug up some, so I plan on running a line out to...
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    Green again and having a tough time clearing it

    If you know you're keep your chlorine at shock level and you're brushing and vacuuming, you may just need some patience. I go through the same thing with my pool every spring. It takes --forever-- (it seems) for it to finally clear, but it does and then it stays that way. Just for a frame of...
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    Measuring DE

    I don't have a DE filter, but I would recommend measureing it out once into a container you can reuse. Then mark a line on the container and just fill it to that line in the future. Keep in mind that as JasonLion has said, you only need the full amount after cleaning the filter. After...
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    Recommended cleaning supplies

    I don't have one for my manual vac, but I use a vac plate on top of my skimmer and attach my hose there. Any large material then gets trapped in the skimmer basket. But I've only had that for a couple of years, I used to just vac to waste. I don't think the leaf trap is something you "need"...
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    Newby Just Fired the Pool Man...What Now?

    I would suggest that since your water is on the slightly cloudy side that you bring the pool to shock level and hold it here until you lose less than 1 ppm overnight (which you did), have .5 or less CC (check), AND the water is clear (not yet). For your CYA level, shock level would be 15 PPM...
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    Recommended cleaning supplies

    Personally, I think as long as the manual vac is in good condition (any brushes in good condition or replaced, attacments not cracked), I would continue to use it. We inherited a Hayward SuperVac with our pool and used it without issue for five years. It finally got old enough that the plastic...
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    You can find the owner's manual here. The amount of DE depends on which model you have and is found in Table 2 on page 5. -- Pete
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    First we need to know if you have a DE filter like frustratedpoolmom asked. There are reasons to have it when you don't have a DE filter. But, on the assumption you do, when you backwash a DE filter, all the DE goes out the waste port with the water. When you switch it back to filter, you...
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    The BBB equivalent for DE is DE. :) You can keep that and add it to your DE filter as you backwash and need to. -- Pete
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    You Should See Visible Improvement Each Day

    Egg on my face... You said that's a a pool with a sand filter. I was looking at your sig... Now I'm just jealous. :)