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    CYA 0 When Opening

    Very interesting. I recently added 5 lbs of conditioner which should have raised my CYA to 75 to 80. Within 7 to 10 days it has gone back down to 50. I just added half the new required amount. My CCs are < 0.5, phosphates zero and the pool is clear. Are you suggesting I slam or attempt...
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    SWCG and Acid Feeder Injection Placement

    Back in Jan 2016 I had an acid tank and Stenner pump installed. The feeder tube is about 20 inches away and upstream from the Jandy Apure 35 SWCG. I have had perpetual problems with premature calcium buildup which led to cells not lasting very long. I just installed my 5th replacement cell and...
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    Jandy Apure 35 Issues

    Important update!!! The cell stopped producing chlorine around the 8th of May. I tried acid washing to see if that would work. It did not. Called Jandy, raised heck. They will replace it with their latest unit, a Jandy Trueclear, but I will not get a warranty and will have to pay for labor from...
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    Jandy Apure 35 Issues

    The certified Jandy tech came. Working from memory he found all the secret buttons. Owners should have a diagram with complete description. He had to completely reset my unit (which one is supposed to do after replacing a cell). That made the "Test Cell" code go away. Then and only then was he...
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    Jandy Apure 35 Issues

    The ideal level for the Jandy Apure 35, per the manual, is 4000 ppm. That is higher than other manufacturers. My CSI is -0.31 . I use the Taylor K 2006-Salt. I may just own the proverbial "lemon" or Edsel of SWCGs.
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    Jandy Apure 35 Issues

    I have had problems with calcium buildup on the cell from nearly the beginning of this product being installed in 2015. It is now out of warranty. It is nearly 4 years old runs 12 to 15 hours per day and I have found that run time necessary to keep the pool clean and sanitary. I live in hot and...
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    Stenner Pump: Variable vs. Fixed rate?

    I purchased a variable 45M and use the small tube to dispense 16 total ounces over a one hour time period of a 50/50 muriatic acid solution. I regret buying the variable. It's too noisy for me and my neighbors due to the very loud clicking sound it makes on variable dosage settings. So I run it...
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    CLR for Cell Cleaning vs. Muriatic Acid

    Too many cats drinking from my pool. Adding borates might help get rid of them, but my wife would kill me. The local pool tech is mad at me for teaching my neighbors TFP techniques. " I have 20 years experience and never heard of this approach." Sorry you're so stubborn guy. In the grand...
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    CLR for Cell Cleaning vs. Muriatic Acid

    I run 15 hours a day in the summer to keep the pool clean from hordes of gnats and in order to run my cell at a lower %. I use the Pool Math App and test for FC nearly every day. IF all chemicals are close to optimal, which for me is FC 5-6, pH 7.7, CH 375ish, NaCl 4000, TA 60 and CYA 75 - 80 a...
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    CLR for Cell Cleaning vs. Muriatic Acid

    My CSI is normally right around -0.30 . One variable here is my Jandy Product that none of you gentlemen seem to have experience with. Maybe your products are better than what I have? Joyful you wrote cheating agent, I assume you its a typo for chelating? I was terrible in Chemistry, (the lights...
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    CLR for Cell Cleaning vs. Muriatic Acid

    I had to replace my cell after about 28 months. The manufacturer sent me one for free.I had been following Jandy's suggested 10% acid bath cell cleaning procedures to rid the cell of calcium buildup. I maintain my pool meticulously and stay within TFP suggested ranges. The CH ranges 375 - 425...
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    Calcium Chloride..

    I see an unanswered question, and that question is the same one I have and reason I came upon this thread. "What is the difference between calcium chloride and calcium chloride dihydrate?" Pool math gives two different choices for increasing CH calcium chloride or calcium chloride dihydrate. I...
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    Salt Buildup on Plates of Jandyj Aquapure Ei 35 SWCG

    Yes, my CSI is typically -O.28 to .39. CH 350 and pH 7.7 pretty much stay in that range. I am anal about frequent testing. My wife thinks I'm nuts for testing 3-4 times a week and doesn't care to learn a thing about the pool. She made me build this, select a salt option and, as I predicted...
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    Good Matirix for SWCG Brand Comparison,

    I came across the website and found their brand comparison page which could be quite helpful to members. Comments?
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    Salt Buildup on Plates of Jandyj Aquapure Ei 35 SWCG

    I have noticed an increase in what is probably salt buildup on my electrolytic cell plates. I don't think it is enough to really impact the efficiency as I do not get any sort of error message. Summer water temps are 89 degrees. I keep the salt around 4000 per mfg spec. Calcium is 350. TA 60 pH...
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    Jandy EI Aquapure 35 leaking?

    I had the identical issue except this was the 4th time I had to acid wash my cells due to salt(?) buildup. Problem was I over tightened the connection. I found some silicone/Teflon grease put that on the seal and carefully hand tightened it. Started the pump, saw it still leaking a bit. Gave it...
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    How long does Free Chlorine last in your pool? (Daily Average)

    With my cya at the high end (80)for a salt pool and all chemistry correct, on a hot, sunny south FL day it will drop 2.5 to 3 ppm during the daylight hours. Overnight loss is 1.00 ppm or less.
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    when FC goes up, so does pH?

    This reinforces what, (was it Chemgeek?), told me. I too had to let my TA drop to 60 to get daily acid additions down to 8 oz a day. I try to keep pH at 7.7 . Maybe I should experiment with TA 50 given what is being said here?
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    CYA black dot

    Last year I called Taylor and spoke to the person/chemist that designed the test. He was very helpful in clarifying that if you still see a faint shadow you are not getting an accurate reading. It must completely disappear. Following those instructions will get you to the right CYA level.
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    Calcium Hardness JUMP, Lesson Learned; But why the rise in Salt? EXPERT HELP NEEDED.

    Sir, Your responses have been most helpful in understanding the chemical reactions going on here. Thanks, once again! No one else has been able to provide that information. Each 40 lb bag of pool salt raises my ppm by 300 ppm. Adding 8 oz. of acid a day comes to one gallon every 16 days...
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    Calcium Hardness JUMP, Lesson Learned; But why the rise in Salt? EXPERT HELP NEEDED.

    I have been a member for over a year and have been relying on testing w the Taylor K-2006 Salt Kit. I have been very confident in my testing accuracy, but screwed up in the following ways. I had recalled reading somewhere that once CYA is set, salt is set and calcium is set the only way to...
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    CH of 525

    I just got a set of CH test bottles from TFPTestKits. I noticed the same thing you did about the drops on the R-0012. It seemed as though the new tip drops seemed smaller and at first fell out of the bottle with less squeezing.!! I tested several times untill I got some consistency. Despite...
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    Salt and Calcium Hardness both Unexpectedly HIGH!

    Test Kit same as signature. Salt test done at home, in store and w new chemicals. I failed to realize the calcium increase could happen in dry season depending on how often I have to fill. Gotta check CH more often. Salt increase still inexplicable. All liquid or SWG created bleach.
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    Salt and Calcium Hardness both Unexpectedly HIGH!

    The last time I added salt and calcium was almost 7 months ago in October 2016. At the time my CH was 375 and my salt was 4200. I have not had to drain water from the pool since then. I test frequently for FC and pH. TA and CYA get checked monthly. I figured I could forget about CH and Salt...
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    Stenner Pump 1/4" Feeder and Dispensing Line Failure

    US Plastics out of Lima Ohio has the necessary tubing in economical rolls. LLDPE tubing OD 1/4" ID .017" Black UV resistant 100 ft roll item # 58032. Price $7.16 plus $11 shipping.
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    Stenner Pump 1/4" Feeder and Dispensing Line Failure

    With great suggestions from this site I installed a Stenner system to dose acid 9 months ago. Daily dosage averages 6 oz. I came home from vacation in late September and saw my pH was high. Close investigation revealed what looked like a partial knife cut on the feeder line one inch from the...
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    Pool Tech Maintenance: Community Pool Chemistry

    I read somewhere that a few pool companies don't even use CYA, they simply use more chlorine. Understandable, but why would they keep TA so low at 30? Could that low a level keep the pH at the bottom range of 7.2?
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    Pool Tech Maintenance: Community Pool Chemistry

    My obsession with testing has leads me to the conclusion that even though pools are sanitized and kept to a healthy pH by most pool techs. The TA, CYA levels and CH levels are often way off. Our community pool had ZERO CYA, CH of 90, TA of 30, pH of 7.2, FC 15..5, CC <0.5 . The tech had just...
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    Acid Dispenser Dilemna

    Well, it has been a couple of months and I have good news to report. The acid has settled down to 4 oz a day to maintain a 7.4 pH level. I run the Stenner at the 10 setting for 30 min w a 50/50 mix. The SWCG is often turned off to allow the FC to settle back down. I have the flexibility to run...
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    Acid Dispenser Dilemna Seems to me a copy should have been left for me by the pool builder. The gallonage required for three 24" sheers is substantial according to this. I did ask the builder why he did not install the rock traps. He said they...