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    Low water flow to one cycle of infloor cleaning system

    I think you may need to rebuild the quickclean actuator to get a better seal between the active circuit and the others. It cost me about $125 in parts to do mine last year and really improved flow from the active heads. It is a pretty simple project. The test would be to hold a hand or foot...
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    Peculiar problem of vacuum hose crimping

    I have an in floor cleaner so priming on jet doesn't work for me either (plus I opened to 58 degree water). What did work was attaching the head to the hose, dropping the head in, and slowly push the rest of the hose straight down into the water until I just have enough hose left to get to the...
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    Ground water is coming in around the skimmer collar!!

    If you put the holes on the top, over time the pipe will fill with sediment. If you put them on the bottom the water will tend to carry the sediment past and whatever gets in will tend to fall out as the water level drops. The pipe will still allow water to move to equalize the local water table.
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    I am about to lose my head...

    It does and it doesn't. Reducing the pipe size will reduce the amount of water you can move (in GPH), but the water you do move will be moving faster (in feet per second) and may not be in the heat exchanger long enough to suck up much heat.
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    Water spigot after pump?

    I put one in to drain a low spot between my filter and heater after it burst over the winter. We had an inflatable pool slide last summer that had garden hose fitting to wet it. If that thing still holds air this summer my 5 year old and her friends might like it if I use the hose spigot to...