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    Need help figuring out manufacturer of my pool please

    Hi all, I need to replace the caps on my pool. I have a pic from when we still had them, but I don't have any in hand to reference. I'm having a hard time finding caps without knowing the manufacturer. I do remember the caps were 2 piece. Thanks!
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    Question about raising alkalinity

    Hey all, my PH is 8+, so I added enough acid to bring it to 7.2 and then started aerating it. Today, I tested it and the PH is 8+ again and the alkalinity is unchanged. I know this can take awhile, but wouldn't the alkalinity have changed a little bit?
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    CYA vial question

    Hi all, My CYA is low, but I can't measure it, as it's all the way to the top of the tube (that's after adding 2lbs 2 days ago) and I still see the dot. We're Slamming the pool and it's still losing a ton of chlorine, so I assume I shouldn't wait the week to get the final CYA number before...
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    Hey all, Our pump went out and it was about 2 weeks with no filtering. It never went green, as we added chlorine and swept it regularly while it was out. So, once we got back to business, we went to shocking it (can't remember what y'all call that here LOL). We've been keeping it up to...
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    This method just isn't working for me...what am I doing wrong?

    So, my CYA is 45 and I've been maintaining the pool above 5ppm. I had it at 10ppm when the CYA was 60 (the constant rain brought it down). Still, we're going through chlorine faster (for the third time since starting this method this season). I tested before adding chlorine and it was 3.5ppm...
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    CYA accuracy question

    Hey all, The Taylor's CYA test sucks. However, best I can tell it was 30. So, I go to the pool store and they get 11. Are pool stores accurate for the CYA test? I'm really in a pickle, as I maintained my pool at 5ppm a couple weeks ago and got algae (cloudy) anyway. I can't seem to get a...
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    Is this a reason to SLAM?

    Hey all, I haven't seen any evidence of algae blooms. I've been using more chlorine that usual, but have had more people in the pool too. Yesterday, the pool was 3ppm. Via the pool store, the CYA was 10 on Sunday. I couldn't get it to register on the taylor test. We added enough to bring...
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    After SLAM question

    Hey all, So passed the CC and overnight test. The pool is at 29ppm currently. How long should it take to come down with no activity in the pool? Also, when should we check alkalinity and PH? Do you wait until the chlorine levels are at their target?
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    Slamming and rain?

    So, our levels were holding steady and the water was clear and we were getting ready to do the overnight test - and then it rained. Sooooo, the CC reading was 2ppm and we lost 6ppm overnight. So, once this rains finally stops, how long before the CC will lower and we can do an overnight test?
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    Question about adding salt in non-SWG pool

    Hi all, We would like to add salt to improve the feel of the water. I know how much to add thanks to Pool Math, but I'm not sure when to add it. We're on the tail end of SLAMing. The pool is clear, i just need to do the overnight test to make sure the algae is gone and let the FC drop. Thanks!
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    Pool post algae question

    Hey all, We had a BAD algae problem. We added about 5 gallons of chlorine the first 24 hours. We're at the point now where maintaining 10ppm is pretty easy. I have to add maybe 1/2-1 gal a day. CYA is at 30. We started this Sunday and it was blue and milky Monday. It's still milky and...
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    Need to SLAM and have a CYA question

    Hi all, I'm 2 hours new to all this, so forgive my ignorance. We have dark green algae and need to SLAM. I'm ordering the test kit. So, currently our CYA level is 10. I noticed on the chlorine/CYA chart that 10 isn't on the chart. So, should I increase the CYA before SLAMing?
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    Closing a Baq pool?

    I read somewhere on this site that a guy adding a big dose of the sanitizer before he closed his pool, but I cannot find it. We'll be closing our pool early October, so I'm trying to get the information early, so I'm not scurrying last minute lol. I've never closed a pool before, so I have no...
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    Pool water went milky immediately after adding sanitizer

    Hi all, First, I want to say that I do not want to do chlorine. I MUST make this stuff work :). We have a small pool (3,400 gals, 12' x 52"). We drained and refilled our pool and added the chlorine neutralizer, since our water has a LOT of chlorine naturally. We let it filter overnight...