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  1. GOONiE

    Silly Speedstir question

    such a minute amount, why not. lots worse in skin care products lol but back to the point, get a magnet or another stir bar and hold it to the bottom of the cylinder. stir bar won't fall out.
  2. GOONiE

    Dangerous pH Level in neighbors pool? Am I in trouble for putting my hand in?

    funny how the mind works lol There are some really acidic foods that we love to eat lol
  3. GOONiE

    Slam or No?

    how are you getting such an accurate number? most tests only do increments of 10.
  4. GOONiE

    Slam or No?

    What is your CYA at?
  5. GOONiE

    Chlorine won't hold in my pool / high CYA level

    Industry standard is different than tfp standard. 2 different approaches to pool care. Mind boggling that the FC standards are that far off but it seems to be working for both. Why can't you drain and fill a pool in the summer?
  6. GOONiE

    CYA Anxiety

    Get the slider cya rest tunes. They have them on amazon.
  7. GOONiE

    How to make a standard 50ppm CYA Cyanuric Acid standard solution

    Back to dilution solutions. It would be much easier to make a 1000ppm cya solution and dilute that with water to get to 50ppm.
  8. GOONiE

    Issues getting water clear

    Liquid chlorine is your friend. I woke up to a milky pool sunday. Shocked my pool to slam levels and was clear blue within 10 hours.
  9. GOONiE

    Q? Overnight FC test

    I had the same question since the overnight test info page doesn't mention pump running. Makes sense that you want the pool to circulate if you're trying to determine 1ppm FC loss.
  10. GOONiE

    First OCLT

    For reference, I swam with my 2 year old with a FC at 13ppm and CYA at 60. No adverse affects whatsoever.
  11. GOONiE

    I'm slamming too

    You will not get an accurate pH reading above 10ppm FC.
  12. GOONiE

    Struggling with little to no chlorine add

    sounds like a humble brag to me lol
  13. GOONiE

    Water Chemistry-Free Chlorine

    For the overnight chlorine test. Does the pump have to run all night? The page doesnt say say anything about pump being turn on.
  14. GOONiE

    SLAM process question

    hows the water looking?
  15. GOONiE

    Cloudy Water.... High TA and Lower PH

    I woke up to a cloudy pool today too. First time ever. 0 chlorine as well. It was really windy here yesterday and I suppose a bunch of organics from the trees blew under my cover into the pool.
  16. GOONiE

    Chemical Yo-yo

    if you want to raise pH... only use borax. it wont raise TA. But pH should rise naturally when you aerate. Get a fountain installed in a jet or point the so they break the surface water. This will raise pH.
  17. GOONiE

    Okay To Sanitize with Different Types of Chlorine

    That’s exactly what I’m doing. I have left over trichlor pucks and cal hypo. I switched to LC a couple days ago. Will save the granular chlorine to when I have to raise cya.
  18. GOONiE

    Cloudy pool

    Re: Cloudy pool start using liquid chlorine... you are at a perfect point of CYA for swg. dichlor will put you over cya by next week and then you will have to drain. slam with liquid chlorine.
  19. GOONiE

    Shock vs Clorox

    Liquid chlorine is so much cheaper and doesn’t have any cya or calcium.
  20. GOONiE

    How to measure chemicals using 4 cup measuring cup?

    sure you can but what is your chlorine level now?
  21. GOONiE

    How to measure chemicals using 4 cup measuring cup?

    I wouldn't have. pH generally creeps up. pH of 7 isn't that bad, you could have aerated the water and pH would rise quicker. Jets pointed to the surface or a foutain installed. Will be interested to see what your pool does with that much borax.
  22. GOONiE

    Northeastern US spring opening: TC 10 - FC 0....time for a tennis court?

    224oz of 10% to get to FC of 5. it's clear because you're lucky ;)
  23. GOONiE

    So I was doing just that... Testing and Balancing my water... when THIS happened!

    go over and test their water... make new friends with your knowledge :D Unless, they blow all their snow onto your property, then f them lol
  24. GOONiE

    What should I adjust first?

    I guess better since it doesn't have to dissolve in a sock for a day or 2.
  25. GOONiE

    What should I adjust first?

    liquid CYA is better than dry CYA but it is a lot more expensive that's why most advocate against liquid. If you already bought it, use it.
  26. GOONiE

    Northeastern US spring opening: TC 10 - FC 0....time for a tennis court?

    not for a slam... but LC is much cheaper than powder chlorine and doesn't add any cya or calcium.
  27. GOONiE

    TA not adjusting

    if pH is rising to 7.8... keep adding acid. TA should drop eventually. I'm only 24 hours after MA to lower TA, so far no change. My pH did change from 8 to 7.4 with 2 qt of MA.
  28. GOONiE

    why my pool keep Losing Chlorine?

    I went to 2 pool stores today just out of curiosity. One told me my CYA is 30 and the other said it was 90 lol