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    Winter and the TF-100

    Hello, I tested with the TF-100 and received what I thought were some pretty bizarre results (like TA being 440?). I had my kit outside in a shed for several harsh winters over the years. Is it possible that the kit was ruined by freezing temperatures? Anyway, I think I will just go ahead and...
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    Stripped drain plug on pool pump housing

    So yeah, I did this. I guess it's actually on the pool pump basket itself, not really the housing. Anyone successfully fix this? Because another PP housing is like $250 and I've already bought it once before.
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    Idea for testing leaks at bottom of pool

    My pool has the dreaded slow leak, I failed a bucket test this weekend, however there was rain, so performing one right now. It has already partially failed. I have checked all the suspects. Skimmer, returns, some cracks, light opening. I want to check my main drain bottom. My idea was to...
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    Bonding to Plumbing

    Resistance = impedance for AC right? Can pool water be bonded within the plumbing only? Luckily this is one of the few problems I've never experienced with my 40(?) year old pool.
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    Blowing out main drain? Friendly debate

    I have seen advice on the main drain, how to blow it out. When I first bought this house, I found as other's have that I could not get the drain to bubble no matter what. I talked to the previous owner and he has said he just sealed up the main drain. This I did not want to do. I have also...
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    Leak in winter cover

    I believe I have a leak in my winter pool cover? I keep pumping water off of it, but the water never gets off the top part of the cover and water level has gone down dramatically? What do I do? Replace the cover? That's the only solution I can see because having this little water in the pool...
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    Arrrgh... Rust stain from light screw

    I'm missing the original screw to keep my light in place... it rusted and left a big stain on the my pool. How do I remove?
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    First test with tf100

    FC 9.5 Cc 1.5 Ta 100 Ch 250 Cya 55 I have been keeping the pool up with just hockey pucks and weekly "shocking" so far. Does this seem right? Is it ok?
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    Help. Automatic way to add bleach into pool?

    Split from help-automatic-way-to-add-bleach-into-pool-t61961.html Please start your own thread when asking a question rather than hijack. Thanks, Butterfly I've read the pool school, where do these things install, on say, an inground gunite pool?
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    Naamco spam

    Anyone getting mass spam emails from Namco? I know I signed up for it, but it's ridiculous!
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    Loud pump

    I have a rather loud pump, I think I'm waiting for the neighbors to break in and cut the lines, lol. I wouldn't blame them. This is a persistent problem, do I need a new pump? I can't stand the noise and only run it at night.
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    Pool newbie

    First off thanks for the forum, you guys really do good work! I bought a house in 2011, new homeowner! Came with a beautiful pool which we love to use. I don't have any major pool issues... Yet, I know it's a matter of time (knock on wood). I have some persistent nagging issues which I will...